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Rebecca Black Releases New Single…on a Monday?

18 Jul

The moment has arrived: internet sensation Rebecca Black has officially released her new single “My Moment” along with the official music video today on YouTube. The single is a follow-up to her (not-so) critically acclaimed hit “Friday” which went viral and became a sensation that people loved to hate and hated to love. I for one agreed that the main problem with “Friday” was in the video and the lyrics of the song, but that Rebecca herself is sweet, innocent and has a decent voice. Hate on her all you want, but she’s still got more money than you…and she’s friends with Katy Perry and co-starred in her video so…hush.

As for her new song, “My Moment,” it’s actually pretty catchy. I was tap-tap-a-tappin’ my foot along to the beat and, much like “Friday,” the lyrics are catchy and easy to memorize. The song has been on YouTube for less than an hour and it has already generated 300+ views on YouTube. Not impressive enough for you? The last video I posted online, over a year ago, only has about 10 views. So. In comparison, it’s a lot!

Take a look/listen for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further interruption I bring you “My (Rebecca’s) Moment”:


Nike Air Max 2009–too much $ for too much air?

22 Aug

nike-air-max-2009-running-shoe-06 I recently spotted a lot of people, of all ages, sporting the new Nike Air Max 2009 sneakers, and I cannot decide if I like them or not. They come in some pretty sweet color-ways, such as orange, hot pink, and my personal favorite–turquoise, but the asking price is just way too much to ask for. For less than or the same price as a pair of Air Max 2009, I can get 2 pairs of dunks, a custom pair of just about any shoe on Nike ID, or 160 cheeseburgers off the dollar menu at McDonalds. All-in-all, I obviously had to check them out on my own, but when I arrived at the store, I just couldn’t bare to part with $160 big ones for a product not worthy of such a price-tag. The magical Air Max 95s, a timeless classic, are just $10 less than the 2009 Air Max model, but in my mind, the 95s are worth A LOT more than the new model. To make it worse, the Air Max 2009 model is now available on Nike ID for, get this, $185! That’s ridiculous! I can customize a pair of dunks, a shirt, and a bag for about the same price, or I could eat lunch out at a restaurant for 2 weeks straight–what would you rather do?

Dear Nike,

Lower the price of these shoes, because if you haven’t noticed, no one’s sitting on cloud-9 in this economy, no matter how much air you place beneath their feet.


A Ditk

Louis Vuitton Con

21 Jul

So, as some of you may or may not know, Kanye West is quite into fashion, and recently he’s been all over the shoe game. First was the release of his own Nike sneaker, appropriately titled the “Air Yeezy”, and now after collaborating with one of his, and my personal favorites, Louis Vuitton, the company will be releasing a few pairs of luxury kicks designed by the Don himself. Some of them are cool, some of them are shiteous, but needless to say, I need a pair. The only problem, if the lines are anything like they were for the Yeezys, and the price tags for these LV/Kanye kicks stays in the $800-$1000 price range, I’m going to need to take up another job, and sell my soul to afford them. Truthfully, I don’t believe it’s right for LV to be charging so much for these kicks because the only people who will be able to cop a pair of these are Kanye’s fellow rich and famous elite, which leaves fans cold on the concrete outside the LV store in their Jordans which crumble in comparison to Kanye’s smooth, LV kicks. So, Ditk fans, if any of you have an extra $900 or so laying around, and feel the need to get your favorite blogger a present, I’m a size 10, and my birthday is August 9th! Thanks in advance!

Yabba Dabba Do…Buy These

9 Jul

Nike Fred Flinstone Big HighI am a sneaker fiend, and these are on my list. My favorite local spot, Extra Butter, is getting these stone-age-kicks in soon and you can bet your bottom, sole? that I’m already on the list for these. There’s nothing like making a fashion statement with your feet–always the first through the door.

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