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Rebecca Black Releases New Single…on a Monday?

18 Jul

The moment has arrived: internet sensation Rebecca Black has officially released her new single “My Moment” along with the official music video today on YouTube. The single is a follow-up to her (not-so) critically acclaimed hit “Friday” which went viral and became a sensation that people loved to hate and hated to love. I for one agreed that the main problem with “Friday” was in the video and the lyrics of the song, but that Rebecca herself is sweet, innocent and has a decent voice. Hate on her all you want, but she’s still got more money than you…and she’s friends with Katy Perry and co-starred in her video so…hush.

As for her new song, “My Moment,” it’s actually pretty catchy. I was tap-tap-a-tappin’ my foot along to the beat and, much like “Friday,” the lyrics are catchy and easy to memorize. The song has been on YouTube for less than an hour and it has already generated 300+ views on YouTube. Not impressive enough for you? The last video I posted online, over a year ago, only has about 10 views. So. In comparison, it’s a lot!

Take a look/listen for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further interruption I bring you “My (Rebecca’s) Moment”:


When Maverick Met the Sorority Girls…

19 Oct

On our last trip to the wings place, I decided to eat an atomic flavored wing–big mistake. I took 2 bites and felt like I had just bitten into a burning log. I should have known what I was getting myself into when they told me the side of jalepenos that the atomic wings came with were to cool off your mouth afterwards…clever. After the feeling set it, which was instantly, I had to run to the bathroom as I felt the wing coming right back up. Later I realized that was just a false alarm, and my acid reflux acting up, not vomit. While I was in the bathroom, I saw a sign posted just above the hand dryer. It was a sign advertising the different specials and events the restaurant holds each day/night of the week. That’s when I saw it–Friday: Karaoke Night. JACKPOT! My friends and I knew this is where we had to be that Friday, and so that’s where we ended up.

When we arrived, the place seemed dead so we were a little worried. We asked where the karaoke was being held, and were then re-directed to the back room which had a separate bar, tables and of course the karaoke DJ who was American–not Asian–which surprised me because for some reason I was expecting an Asian to be conducting karaoke and an all-American, racing themed wings restaurant–maybe, just maybe I was wrong to think that. We took our seats, and then I saw him–the bartender. The most beautiful looking, male bartender I have ever seen. His name tag read “MAV” so I took this as an opportunity to break the ice. I asked “Is Mav your real name? Or is it short for something?” “Maverick”, he said. “But that’s not my real name, that’s just what the manager wanted my name-tag to say”. No question about it, I was in love, but soon interrupted by the musical stylings of my friends singing karaoke. The DJ came over to the table and had us singing along with her just to get the crowd going, and you could just tell he really liked us. My friend, you know, the Irish one, sat next to be with a very TALL glass of beer (she’s 21, let’s not jump the gun here) laughing and smiling uncontrollably. So, I sat there, drinking soda, laughing uncontrollably at her–win, win. Then she got a hold of the karaoke song book and it was all downhill from there because she discovered they had “At The Beginning” from the Disney classic, Anistasia. So, the Irish one and the blonde one got up and sang their hearts out to the crowd’s discontent and confusion–and my own personal enjoyment. After that painstaking performance, my blonde friend and I moseyed over to the bar to chat with Maverick, where we found out it was his first night as a bartender straight out of the waiter department. We chatted with him a little bit, and he told us his real name is Taylor–I think I like Maverick better, yeah, definitely Maverick. I also took this as an opportunity to tell him that we shared a profession–bartender–so that maybe he’d think I was even more awesome than I’m sure he already thought I was…maybe not. Either way, I pulled out all the stops! My Irish friend got herself a second glass of beer, this time an even larger glass, and my other friend and I were trying to decide if we were going to sing anything, and if so, what would be our song of choice. I grabbed myself a song book, and saw it had The Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch” as an option–this was it! Maverick overheard our discussion and said we had to sing it for him because he sang it at his junior prom and he’d sing it with us. Without any hesitation, I submitted the request to sing that song. When our turn rolled around, our pal the DJ handed us 2 microphones–one for us and one for Mav. The song began and we tried our best to rap and sing along with the beat to the best of our ability, but we could barely keep up–thank goodness for Maverick because he truly knew every word. Not only did he know every word, but he sounded just like a recording of the actual song! Not some cheap, crappy, karaoke version of the tune. We tried to make up for our terrible singing and rapping with awkward dance moves, but I think we failed at that as well. When the song was all sang and done, we were applauded, most likely out of pity, for our performance–if you can even call it that. It was getting late and we decided it’d be best if we got going, so we asked for the check and I decided to ask the DJ if he had any Miley Cyrus to play for us in the interim–he did! I asked if he could play it after the dude singing was done, and he reluctantly agreed, but I assured him that my friends and I would go crazy-happy! Sure enough, he played Party in the USA and we were SO happy–everyone knows how much sorority girls love Miley Cyrus–especially my chapter! The song was over, we paid, and I tipped Maverick an extra $2 and wished him luck with the rest of his first shift tending bar. When we exited and got into the parking lot, I noticed the back to my driver-side mirror was gone! I had no idea how, when or where this occurred, but we were all so thrilled about our night that I decided to save the worrying for tomorrow, and just drove off into the night–back to campus. We will definitely be going back for Karaoke on Fridays in the very near future.

Life’s A Ditk, but it sure is fun!

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