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13 Jul

Today I am embarking on a rigorous journey. A journey that not many people are brave enough to partake in. For today I will travel to the depths of the earth–the concourse level Starbucks at 30 Rock–to fetch myself the most desired object in the world today. What’s being referred to as the holy grail of coffee-store-chain-cups–the Trenta.

I stuck with my usual–black iced tea with four Sweet & Lows–but this time had it served in a Trenta, not some puny Venti.

Side note, why does Starbucks have to try and be all Italian all the time? Grande, Venti, Trenta…your true colors shine through with Tall. Seriously guys, you started in Seattle. Not even Little Italy in New York or California and most definitely not the real Italy, who you tryna kid?

Anyways, I started sippin’ my Trenta around 10:45AM and I suspect to have my first bathroom break around 11:30 and then one every hour for 5 hours straight after that. I may or may not keep you posted. We’ll see.

UPDATE: First bathroom break at 11:50AM


Red Cup Fever!

5 Nov

Here’s something I don’t really understand–the red cups at Starbucks. Now, I understand that red is a “holiday” color, so it gets everyone in the mood for the “holiday season” but I just don’t understand what it is about those cups that lengthens lines and sends them straight out the door and around the corner at Starbucks all over the country. Personally, I don’t see the big deal because I’m Jewish, and we associate our holiday, Hanukkah, with white, blue and maybe some silver and gold–we like colors that resemble money. Anyways, seeing and hearing all about these red cups ALMOST made me want to go to Starbucks and spend $5.00 on a cup of hot skim milk (all I’ll ever drink there) just to study the cup up-close. But, my friend just walked by me, and so I looked at it in her hand–it’s really not all that special. Maybe if they donated all proceeds during “red cup season” to the Salvation Army or the United Way, then I’d think there’s something special, but for now, I know it’s just another stupid ploy by Star$$$ to rake in more bucks. I will however commend them because, as everyone knows, holidays make (most) people happy so when they see the red cups in the hands of passerby’s, they’re all like “OH-EM-GEE, I like totally need to get one of those cups and some of that good liquid in it because it will like make me feel all holiday spirity and stuff!” Yeah, no. Those people just need to learn how to speak properly…or else. The End.

P.S Starbucks did have a great business idea with the cups…I just don’t like them.

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