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Such A Jerk

13 May

So I know I’ve been M.I.A lately, but that’s only because I’ve had a crazy-busy semester. I took five classes, four of which were writing courses. And on top of that I contributed to a campus publication’s blog AND tweeted for my university’s official Twitter account. It’s safe to say a wrote more than I have in my entire life this past semester, but I’m glad I did because it only helped my writing skills grow like pretty little flowers. With that being said, the semester is now over (celebratory cheers) so I will have a lot more time for “me-time” which means more personal writing…such as tending to this wonderful blog of mine. To wet your appetite just a little bit, here are links to the blog I contributed to this past semester:

Trends We Hate: “Friday”

Trends We Hate: The Use of Hands Free Cell Phone Devices While Not Driving

Trends We Hate: Pajama Jeans

So take a look and enjoy! I promise there is plenty more where that came from! The summer is just heating up…pun heavily intended.


This Is How I Blog

27 Oct

Whenever something completely, and utterly ridiculous happens in my life, or to me directly, I sit down at my computer and I blog away. Usually, the events that take place in my life make people say “NO WAY!” or “WHAT A LOSER!”…it happens, a lot. I have since gotten used to the fact that I lead a pathetic, random, FML life, and I have definitely come to terms with the fact that people spit on my feet when I walk (that happened once, it was yesterday). Everytime I blog, I tell a story–a story that people can or most likely cannot relate to. If someone tells me my blog sucks, I can just say “well, how many hits does your blog get daily?” they will say “none”, because they do not have a blog, therefore I am better and won that argument by process of elimination. Later that evening, my house will get egged.

This is how I blog.

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