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My Goals For Winter Break

16 Dec

See the following movies:

  1. The Descendants
  2. J. Edgar
  3. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo
  4. Young Adult
  5. and maybe New Years Eve, if I can find the time


  • My overall goal for this academic year is to graduate with a job, so over break I plan to get in touch with as many of my past internship employers to seek out career opportunities, and make connections with other various people in the entertainment industry. In other words, hire me!


  • This semester has been so incredibly hectic. I haven’t had even a few moments to sit down with a clear mind and just write. All of my works in progress still remain in progress. I hope to sit myself down at a Barnes and Noble somewhere and bang out a first draft of one of my pilots, or finish one of my spec scripts. Dare I start a feature? Blurg. I need to get inspired!

Have Fun

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun this semester, but I just need to lay back and have a good time while I’m home. I don’t want to think about school or any of the responsibilities that will come with it once I return in January.

Be funnier

  • I’m taking an improv class at the end of break–I hope it makes me less awkward and more tolerable. My ultimate goal is to no longer hear crickets after delivering the punchline.

See Friends

  • I have plenty of friends, I think, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be here forever if I just forget about them. Over break I hope to strengthen the friendships I’ve had since middle school and continue the ones I currently have from college. I don’t just want to be one of those “what happened to her” girls soon after I graduate. Friends are the foundation to happiness–amongst other things and feelings–and they make for great subjects to observe and go people watching with–I need to get my material from somewhere! But, I’m currently lucky to have a crazy family that gives me more than enough material, but hey, the more the merrier.

Wet Hot American Summer Prequel in the Works?

29 Jun

Could it be true? According to an article on the Huffington Post website, there has been a lot of talk recently surrounding the cult classic, and one of my personal favorite films, Wet Hot American Summer. For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s funny, smart and has a cavalcade of now big name actors such as Michael Ian Black, Molly Shannon, Amy Poeheler, Bradley Cooper and more! It revolves around the last day of sleep away camp and focuses on the counselors and some special campers. It’s fun, quirky, original, hilarious and chock full of memorable and quotable lines. If you’ve ever attended camp of any kind, this is definitely a must-see. It may seem outlandish, crazy and even far fetched but it’s based around truth–some of these weird things really do happen at camp. Even if you haven’t gone to camp, this film will still tickle your funny bone’s fancy–I promise.

A prequel would be an excellent idea for many reasons:

1. It’s a film that didn’t get a lot of hype at first, but since being released in 2001 has become an instant cult classic, thus the audience who would go out and see a prequel or sequel has grown significantly. Basically, this will be a box office hit, especially if it’s anything like the first one.

2. Director David Wain has said that the same actors would be returning and still depict 16/17 year old counselors from that same summer despite many of them now being in their late 30s and early 40s–a hilarious juxtaposition of age.

3. If the original cast is used, people will go see the film solely because of that. Some of WHAS’s characters are now HUGE stars with and even bigger fan-base. I’m sure that a Bradley Cooper fan who hasn’t even heard of the first film will see this based on him being in it.

Overall–smart move! I know I would be absolutely elated if a prequel were to be released, and I’d make everyone I know see it as well–seeing as I already make everyone I know watch WHAS on DVD. Watch the official trailer below and see for yourself! Then go rent the film…or buy it…or it’s available on instant-watch via Netflix.

Jennifer’s Body (A.K.A Megan Fox’s Body)

25 Sep

Tonight I ventured to the movies to see Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfreid. My friend and I were so hyped up to see this flick, you have no idea–and I have no idea why. We have been planning to see this movie for weeks, and when it was released last Friday, we couldn’t wait to add it to the Thursday night lineup. Unfortunately, we had an event tonight, so we only had time for one film, so obviously Jennifer’s Body was the top choice.

To be honest, I went into the movie only knowing who was in it, and that Megan Fox’s character was somehow evil, and that the film had an awesome soundtrack. I was right about all 3. What I didn’t know was how, excuse my language, fucked up the movie is. IT IS MESSED UP! SO messed up, that my entire left arm went numb by the end of the film, and I couldn’t remove my eyes from the screen. I also couldn’t go home, I had to go home with my friend, who then later drove me back to my dorm so I wouldn’t be alone too long. Literally, there are so many things I will never do now because of that film–walk in the woods, eat roasted chicken from Boston Market, swim in an abandoned indoor pool, share a bed with Megan Fox–pretty much, my life now in shambles. I don’t know what it was, but there was just an element about this movie that freaked me out more-so than any other scary movie I’ve seen in the past. I couldn’t even eat candy, I just couldn’t move. I jumped at one point because of some random bats that flew onto screen–I’m a low-life.

As far as the movie goes, it wasn’t TERRIBLE, but it also wasn’t AMAZING. So, where does that leave my review? Well, if you love stupid, pseudo-comedies with lots and lots and lots and LOTS of blood, and Megan Fox–5 stars, but if you’re more of the relaxed comedy/adventure/chick-flick lover, with occasional gore and Megan Fox–2 stars. I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares tonight.

On the upside, aside from everyone’s favorite Megan Fox being the star, Amanda Seyfried was pretty good in it, and she was in Mean Girls so who doesn’t love her? and Adam Broody (Seth Cohen from the O.C) had a few shining moments as a part of the “heroic band”–you’ll see what I mean by that if you choose to risk your sleeping career by seeing the film. The effects were great, the plot was semi-unrealistic so overall I’d say Diablo Cody did a much better job with Juno and probably should have stuck to fun, comedies.

But that’s just my opinion, obviously.


24 Sep

A new feature here on The Life of A Ditk! Every Thursday/Friday I will be reviewing a movie in which I saw at some point within those 2 days. If I can’t get to the theatre, I very well may be reviewing an older film, but regardless of the release date, I’ll be trying my hand at reviewing some films as a part of Double Feature Thursday, which is a new, pseudo-tradition my friend and I started at the start of this semester. For my frequent readers, I’m sure you’ve seen my previous movie reviews that I’ve posted on my blog, but get ready for bigger and better reviews because I’ve got 3,000+ views under my belt now, and that’s given me enough fuel to blog enough to feed numerous third-world countries! I’m going to single-handedly save the world through words–just you wait and see. After all, a smile can work wonders.

Peace & Blog

A Ditk

I Was Gonna See A Movie, But Then I Got…Sleep.

17 Aug

     Today, or yesterday because it’s now after 2am, I planned on having an all-day movie marathon. Not just any ordinary movie marathon where you stock up on candy and rent a few DVDs, but an in-theatre movie marathon. Yup, I was planning on shelling out just over $50 and attempt to see 5 movies in one day. On the bill would be The Goods, Paper Heart, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Julie & Julia, and Bandslam. Now, I have no doubt in my mind that this definitely could have been accomplished, but seeing that I went to bed at about 3:30am the night before, for no reason, I slept until noon and decided grabbing a burrito was more important than catching the first movie at 1:00pm. Hello obesity. Anyways, if completely ditching the movie marathon idea wasn’t enough, I sat around all day staring at the computer until my mom came home at about 4, and saved me from spontaneously morphing into mush and seeping into the cracks of the tile floor in my kitchen. It’s a good thing she came home when she did too, otherwise she’d have to mop me up…and she hates mopping when she’s already mopped. 

     After trying to convince me to give her a foot-rub, and forcing me to try on a pair of pants, my mom and I made our way to the mall, in two separate cars which is obviously the BEST way to save gas and money in this economy, hooray senseless Americans! No, but we took separate cars because I was headed over to my dad’s house after the mall for dinner, which is closer to the mall than my mom’s house, so don’t judge me, because you cannot judge me…I am unjudgeable…my new word. So we got to the mall, and went right into Bloomingdales, gotta love their valet parking service if you have a Bloomie’s charge account haha. When all was said and done, I ended up buying a pair of black flats, sunglasses, a t-shirt, some traffic light thing and I was about to purchase 3 small posters for my dorm, when my mom called me and said I had to rush to the valet station because it was closing at 6:30 and it was currently 6:30…so I power walked, because I WILL NOT run in a mall…that’s just not classy. Finally I arrived and got my car, but I REALLY wanted the posters because one of them was a Hannah Montana Movie poster, so obviously I needed it, and the vendor selling it would be gone after today. So I pulled my car around to the side, where it’s illegal to park, and clearly labeled so, and put my hazards on. My mom sat in her car behind mine as I ran into the mall for the posters. She told me to hurry up because she didn’t want my car being towed…no kidding. I was lightening fast in there, picked out the 3 posters, paid, and power walked out…I got SO good at that after today, it’s amazing what a shopping spree will do for your health! Once I got outside my mom told me security came and questioned my car being there, when my mom told the guard “she just ran into the mall to get her kid, she’ll be right out”. I’m glad my mom can think fast, but I’m also glad she had to make it sound like I had a kid and decided to leave him in the mall…good times. 

     Finally I left the mall. I arrived at my dad’s house, and was greeted by my adorable, freshly groomed fur-ball of a dog, Roxie. Apparently she was named after the character in Chicago, and I only say that because every now and then I’ll hear my dad or step-mom sing to her “the name on everybody’s lips is gonna be…ROXIE!” Yeah, that actually has happened, probably when she’s playing with her Chewy-Vuitton pocket book, or Jimmy Chew squeaky shoe. I kid you not, my dog has these toys, and yes, I bought them for her for Hanukkah. We sat, and chatted for a little bit, and by chatted I mean my dad was trying to watch the end of the PGA tournament while my step-mom tried to inquire where we should go for dinner. After the Asian guy beat Tiger Woods, and lifted his bag up over his head like 30 times, my dad turned off the TV and said “let’s go”. So, the three of us got into his car and headed over to the local sushi place for dinner. Upon arriving, my father spotted a man outside the restaurant whom he once worked with, so he said hello, and asked how he was. Now, my step-mom is convinced she knows EVERYONE and that they all know her too, so what happened wasn’t surprising, but what happened after that nearly made me pee myself. My step-mom looked at the guy my father said hello to, and apparently he looked familiar, so she said hello, gave him a hug and one of those kisses on the cheeks that older people do when their friends or whatever. She then proceeded to ask how his wife was doing because she had heard she had hip-replacement surgery. He said she’s doing well and then I just walked into the restaurant. As it turns out, my step-mom didn’t know that man, and that man had no idea who she was either. He just looked exactly like someone she actually knows…classic case of mistaken identity. What I find to be the best part though, is that he actually went along with it, which turns out to be because his ex-wife, or whatever, actually did have hip surgery, so he thought maybe he did know her, but just didn’t remember. Boy-oh-boy, what a great way to start a meal. Anyways, then we ate, and on the ride home argued about Ikea furniture, and how they picked up a couch from there once and it was terrible service, and didn’t fit in the car, and claimed they wasted hours of their life there…basically I got a headache. My dad never likes to let things go, so when we got back to the house he kept talking about it, which lead to my step-mom researching other cheap couches online for about an hour. Then I told my father I needed to interview him for a project, he said no…

     Apparently the last time I had to interview him(I sent him an email with a few questions I needed him to answer for a paper I was writing) it was too much work for him, and he didn’t want to go through that again. After some entertaining arguments, he said I could just write up questions for him, but then I informed him it needs to be a recorded, verbal interview…he did not like this. I continued to say “well if you want me to do well in school, I’ll need your help”, he then asked “oh, so it will be MY fault if you don’t do well?” I confirmed his notion, but he still decided to be difficult about it because he claimed he never had to face a challenge while trying to pursue a civil liberty. So of course this was turned into a joke as well. We were watching a television show called “Shark Tank” in which successful investors that just have too much money interview inventors and decide if they should invest in their products/services or not. My dad was trying to think of stuff he could present to the investors, or “the sharks”, on the show, and decided a good idea would be to sell cheap couches to people who go to college and have been challenged while trying to pursue civil liberties, and if they let me interview them, they receive $10 off the price of their couch…FML.

That’s normal behavior for my father…good times, but I still manage to love him.

That was my day…can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…woop-dee-doo.

Harry Potter and the…noisy movie theatre?

31 Jul

     So yesterday I went to go see he new Harry Potter movie, as I am a fan of the films, and the movie was great, but what went on in the theatre, well, that may have surpassed Malfoy’s hair, which was quite fabulous if I do say so myself. Anyways, it all started when my friend and I walked up to the ticket booth to purchase our tickets, as I do not believe in sneaking in and seeing movies for free! Only very naughty people would do such a thing! As I was saying, we were at the ticket booth and a creepy man in front of us bought a ticket to see Harry Potter as well. My friend whispered to me “let’s make sure we don’t sit near that guy”, as he was a middle age man, I’d say early 40s, going to see Harry Potter alone, on a Thursday night over the summer…odd, yes I know. 

     Fast forward to the theatre, where we take our seats. My friend and I are quietly discussing upcoming movies we’d like to see, in a nearly empty movie theatre, with a few people a number of rows behind us, and the same in front and to the sides of us as well. When all of a sudden I hear someone ask “this is Harry Potter, right?” it was the same man from the ticket line, and he was all up in my grill. My friend and I said yes, and he walked away, which was followed by my friend asking if we should be worried. I said no, because I laugh at possible pedophiles, HA!, and continued our conversation. 

     Now, the movie has begun, when a strange smell begins to fill the air…beer. Someone brought beer into the movie theatre, great. There’s nothing I like more than watching some magical spells and potions come to life on the big screen with the decadent smell of hops filling the air. This is false information, because I hate everything that has to do with beer, I even hate pouring it from a tap because it always splatters on my shoes!

     All is well for about an hour or so into the film, when I begin to hear a baby cry. Now, I know there’s some serious “snogging”(kissing, for all you Americans) that goes on in this particular Potter film, but I know for sure that fornication and child birth is WAY too far for J.K Rowling to go in any of her books. So naturally, I was confused. Moments later the sound stopped, but soon after, the crying intensified, which lead to a mother walking out of the theatre with a baby in her arms…success. First of all, who brings a baby, AN INFANT, to the movies? I wonder, do babies get in for free? Do they eat snacks? Breast feeding at the movies, though it is dark, would count as indecent exposure in public now wouldn’t it? Regardless, a woman brought a BABY to see Harry Potter…like, only in America, right? So she walked out of the theatre, no more crying, thank goodness. But then she comes back in, and it starts again. I wanted to scream “TAKE THE BABY OUT!” but this was no time to be a hero, I let Harry maintain the spotlight he was in, on this particular night, and this particular night only!

     Last, but certainly not least, a man in a white shirt walked from the back of the theatre to the side exit door, just next to the screen, at some point during the film. He soon appeared again with metal poles and what looked like a black case in his hands, and made his way back to the back of the theatre, and eventually out of sight. My first thought was that we were all going to die, but once he left, and my friend asked if he was going to film the movie or not, in which I explained to her the movie is almost over so he’d be a terrible bootlegger, I felt better. He then returned, slowly walked down the aisle again, returned his equipment beyond the exit door, and left once again. 

     Why does weirdness occur every time I’m near? Why can’t I just have a normal outing to the movies? I guess someone out there just wants me to keep blogging…

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