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Five Grand

13 Nov

The Life of A Ditk has broken the 5,000 hits mark!

Thanks to everyone for being consistently bored and unproductive, thus reading my blog! This site has only been up and running since early July 2009 and look how far it has come already! Thank you to the world, for making weird things happen to me on an almost daily basis–without you, and your weird activities, I would have no blog worthy stories to tell. Keep it class AdDITKS.




Oh, I Can’t Believe It.

23 Sep

It’s only been 3 short months since I launched The Life of A Ditk, and we’re nearing 3,000 hits! That’s insane…that’s like 1,000 visitors a month! Yes, I know Perez and Kanye get like 1,000 visitors every hour, but they are famous, I am not–yet. I just want to thank everyone who actually still reads this crap, because it means a lot! I’ve gotten such great feedback from friends, family, and strangers (fans? no? ok…) and it makes me feel like I’m well liked, though I know my writing is the liked one in this situation, not necessarily me myself. Oh well. Anyways, I’ll keep writing if you promise to keep reading, actually, I’ll probably keep writing even if you don’t keep reading, but where’s the fun in that? Exactly. Keep your eyes peeled because I’m working on some great new features for my blog–like a Podcast–that will only increase the fun, LOLz and tears(of joy).

In other news, why does Jesse McCartney have a new song featuring T-Pain? Someone buy him a mirror, I don’t think he knows his skin is white. Not to mention, he used to be “down on Dream Street” and I don’t think T-Pain was ever in a boy band–just sayin’.

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