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My Goals For Winter Break

16 Dec

See the following movies:

  1. The Descendants
  2. J. Edgar
  3. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo
  4. Young Adult
  5. and maybe New Years Eve, if I can find the time


  • My overall goal for this academic year is to graduate with a job, so over break I plan to get in touch with as many of my past internship employers to seek out career opportunities, and make connections with other various people in the entertainment industry. In other words, hire me!


  • This semester has been so incredibly hectic. I haven’t had even a few moments to sit down with a clear mind and just write. All of my works in progress still remain in progress. I hope to sit myself down at a Barnes and Noble somewhere and bang out a first draft of one of my pilots, or finish one of my spec scripts. Dare I start a feature? Blurg. I need to get inspired!

Have Fun

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun this semester, but I just need to lay back and have a good time while I’m home. I don’t want to think about school or any of the responsibilities that will come with it once I return in January.

Be funnier

  • I’m taking an improv class at the end of break–I hope it makes me less awkward and more tolerable. My ultimate goal is to no longer hear crickets after delivering the punchline.

See Friends

  • I have plenty of friends, I think, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be here forever if I just forget about them. Over break I hope to strengthen the friendships I’ve had since middle school and continue the ones I currently have from college. I don’t just want to be one of those “what happened to her” girls soon after I graduate. Friends are the foundation to happiness–amongst other things and feelings–and they make for great subjects to observe and go people watching with–I need to get my material from somewhere! But, I’m currently lucky to have a crazy family that gives me more than enough material, but hey, the more the merrier.

Resolutions 2011

6 Jan

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t post my new year’s resolutions for all to see? Well, a less predictable one, but that’s besides the point. So here they are, folks, my new year’s resolutions for the year 2011!

To follow through on my own personal writing instead of starting a piece and abandoning it half way. If I finished all of the pieces I’ve started, I’d have a writing portfolio full of original storied, concepts and scripts thicker than…thick.

To lose weight. What kind of person would I be if this wasn’t one of my resolutions?

To truly help others. I want to do some volunteer work, and also reach out to some people I know personally and help them through any tough times they may be having. I’m not always such a nice person, so I want to try and make up for my occasional awfulness.

To learn to cook. I love watching The Food Network and sometimes when I make myself lunch, or even just heat up a Lean Cuisine, I like to narrate what I’m doing in my head as if I was on my own cooking show. I’m a loser, but I think it’d be fun to be able to cook for my friends and have them asking for seconds, instead of them just asking for another go-around at the drive-thru.

To build my portfolio and strengthen my connections. This one sort of ties into the first one on my list, but I basically want to secure myself a job as much as possible for post-graduation. I don’t want to be unsure of my future come May 2012, I want to know where I’m going and have a plan–I want to be successful!

To stay focused. Both in life and with my school work. I want to earn stellar grades while immersing myself into the campus community as much as possible. I also want to do all of this without freaking out due to stress and work-overload.


Looks like I’ve got a hefty set of goals/resolutions. Gotta get crackin’!


5 Jan

So if you haven’t a;ready heard, the adorable couple that was Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal called it quits earlier today. Being notorious for writing songs about her failed relationships and not being secretive about the boy who broke her heart, jokes were immediately made about what Tay Tay’s song about Jakey-Poo would sound like. Well, ladies and gents, the lyrics for Taylor’s song about Jake have surfaced only to prove that she doesn’t mess around! I acquired them from a super, secret source, but just remember where you saw these lyrics first!!!!!!


Jake the Snake

Jake, Jake. I really liked you but you were fake, fake

Thought you were mine for the taking

But like your movies we started tanking, yeah


All I wanted was love and hugs

But all you gave me were some other drugs

You bought me presents that totaled a lot

And took me for coffee that really hit the spot

But it was availability and kindness that you lacked

You’re getting old so I guess you’ll have to go Brokeback


You were my Prince of Persia

As we sat under an October Sky

I was the Good Girl who walked a Moonlight Mile

Just to find Proof in your smile

I gave you everything, I was full of joy

Even forgave you for playing Bubble Boy

I guess I just don’t understand…I thought you were Spiderman


That night I turned 21

Wanted to stay in but you wanted to have fun

So you took my hand and away we went

Good time were had and money was spent

My phone rang at 11 PM

I just couldn’t miss this call again

My producer said he needs just one more song

Right then I knew we just couldn’t last long!


You were my Prince of Persia

As we sat under an October Sky

I was the Good Girl who walked a Moonlight Mile

Just to find Proof in your smile

I gave you everything, I was full of joy

Even forgave you for playing Bubble Boy

I guess I just don’t understand…I thought you were Spiderman


I know I’ll be sad

Thinking back on the good times we’ve had

But I know The Day After Tomorrow

My heart will no longer be filled with sorrow

So for now it’s time to make my bed

Besides, you were just a silly Jarhead

You were my Prince of Persia

As we sat under an October Sky

I was the Good Girl who walked a Moonlight Mile

Just to find Proof in your smile

I gave you everything, I was full of joy

Even forgave you for playing Bubble Boy

I guess I just don’t understand…I thought you were Spiderman


The Word of the Word

16 Nov

What’s the word of the word you ask?


The answer: I have no f’n clue what the word of the word is.


No, that’s a lie. The word of the word is the title of the blog post I came up with while I was trying to figure out what to blog about, hence the title of this blog post.


Note its nothingness.

I promise content will return to this site sooner than later. Los Angeles is just taking me by the reigns…yes I am aware it should be the other way around but I’m just a-blowin’ over in these Santa Anna winds!


19 Sep

Hey everyone! Just wanted to send out a friendly reminder to say that there’s more to this wonderful blog than meets the eye! Yes, that’s right! When you type my blog into your URL and the site loads, you get to feast your eyes on my homepage, BUT if you look to the top right of my page, you’ll see a few links to other pages! Incredible, I know. For instance, there’s an essay I wrote my freshman year of college for a writing class, and a page full of links that will lead you do extraordinary articles that I have written for various campus publications! Super cool, I know. Here’s a little sneak peak! This is the link to an article I wrote for my school’s humor website. I wrote it about an annual campus festival that kind of took a visit to the shitter this past year as restrictions and limits were slapped on it for the first time since it’s existence. It lead to various questions by, so I decided to address one of the hypothetical questions with a hypothetical answer. It made me laugh, maybe it’ll make you laugh as well.

Mystery Mayfest Beer Brewed By Nancy Cantor

Enjoy, and make sure you check out all of the links and pages featured on my blog! After all, they’re included on my blog for a reason!


When I Grow Up…

19 Sep

I don’t necessarily want to be famous, I think that’s a stupid goal to strive for. How can you say it is a goal of yours to just be known by everyone? To be a worldwide celebrity, if you will. In my eyes, it is better to strive to be great at something–a talent, a task, a skill–to build on and then be recognized for that particular thing.

All I know is that I want to be someone who is reputible in the entertainment industry, be it in television, film or the internet (NO pornography, thanks). I’m not sure if I want to be solely behind the scenes, or in front of the camera as well.  I just want my talent and work to be used for good and to be recognized by a sufficient amount of the population. My dream is to be the host of my own talk show, preferably on late night TV, but I’m a realist and I know this will not happen over night. I have to start at the very bottom, in the mailroom, if you will. I have to try and get myself, and my work, out there. Shop around some of my ideas, writing samples, etc.

But what’s the best way to do all of this? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since being out here in Los Angeles. Yes, I have two internships with two very reputable and iconic people, but who’s to say this will get me anywhere except on the path to an impressive resume. I feel as if a resume is useless if you want to be a writer. The only thing that matters is the quality of your writing and/or who actually sees it. You could have just finished what you truly believe is the next great American novel or screenplay, but if you don’t have the right connections, it may never be more than a few hundred pages bound together by a butterfly clip. This is what worries me.

I’ve been told so many different things down the long path of advice, but the one thing all words of advice have had in common is that I need an agent. I don’t know how to get a literary agent and honestly I wouldn’t even know where to start. A wise man once said “you’ve got to blow someone who blows someone who knows someone” but frankly, that’s not the way I plan on handeling the situation, nor is it the way I want to handle it. I tried Google, that was a fail. I tried contacting a friend who works at William Morris Endeavor for advice, but she never answered me, and now I’m stuck. I know it may seem like it’s too early to get an agent, but when has it ever been to early to start making money?

Know a literary agent in LA or NY? Send them to my blog, tell them I also do Bar Mitzvahs…I mean, screenplays, and various other genres and styles of writing. Help a sista out.

Here’s hoping my name falls upon the right ears and my writing before the right eyes!


Great On Paper, Awful In Person

22 Jun

Writers. Some go above and beyond and some fall flat on their literary faces. Some writers have the luck of being very talented and professional writers, as well as very talented and professional people. Their writing is impeccable, smart, funny, entertaining–anything but flat and boring–and they have the personality to match. Their charisma is contagious and infectious, you just want to be around them, constantly, and hope they will some day include you in one of their blog posts, novels or screenplays.

But, this is the real world, and unfortunately not all writers can be as great in person as they are on paper. As a matter of fact, some people are writers because their personalities suck, they’re socially awkward, and can only express themselves through the written, or typed, word. I happen to know a few people like this, and it happens to be quite comical…and downright annoying. I’m not saying that I’m perfect on page and in person, but I happen to be just as fun in person as I am on paper. “But Ditk, you can’t judge how you are in person because you ARE you! Of course you’re going to say you have a great personality and can write very well!” (this wasn’t an actual quote, this was just me reading your mind…scary, I know) The truth is I can’t read my personality, but I can read my writing, and so can all of my family and peers. The people who have read my writing have told me on countless occasions that I write the way I speak, meaning when they are reading something that I have written, they can picture me speaking those exact words and can actually hear me reading the paper in their head. This is clear cut evidence that my personality matches my writing skills. My opinion, reviews and stories that I write are ones that I often share verbally in person, and when I write, I basically just have a conversation in my head and then transcribe it onto the page in front of me. Those who excell on paper and fail in person have a technical error somewhere that allows them to express themselves well on the path from brain to page, but not brain to mouth.

Basically, if you’re confused, all I am saying is that if you’re a great writer, you might want to work on your personal skills as well. Why do I suggest this? Well, let’s say your latest novel gets published and they want you to do a 25 city book tour/signing. Your book could be the next Harry Potter, but if you can’t engage in normal conversation, people are going to get turned off when they meet you, and then they will tell their mother who will tell your aunt who will tell your cousin who will tell her boss who will tell his wife that you suck, and thus creates a vicious cycle of negative feedback that could eventually lead to a decrease in sales and a one way ticket to being sold exclusively at Home Goods.

Final word: Exercise the same amount of personality and spunk in person that you do in your writing. Not only will you have a greater chance at becoming successful, but you’ll make more friends and sound a lot smarter too.

I’m actually probably really awkward…oops.


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