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My Weekend With Jesus

5 Sep

This past weekend I attended a leadership retreat for the Greek council leaders at my University. Being on the Panhellenic council, I hopped on the bus, that left an hour late, and was on my way to the retreat site along with about 30 other students. Upon arriving, the camp grounds looked like…well, camp grounds. Just your typical NY, old school cabins, scenery, etc. The lake was beautiful, though. Before I stepped off the bus I said to my supervisor “I hope they don’t try and convert me to Catholicism.” He laughed. I hope he knew I was joking–about the conversion part…I knew no one would try and do it, but I like being Jewish…just sayin’. After being greeted by a sea of crosses, we arrived at our bunk to find the word JESUS plastered above each interior door. That wasn’t all, though, because there was a surprise waiting for me once I got to the room I was staying in. For on the window of the door to the room was a curtain. And on this curtain was “I ❤ Jesus” printed hundreds of times in different directions. Now I know which fabric swatch I should have used to make that pillow in 6th grade home-ec. Darn.

Later we went into the dining hall where we found more crosses, as we sat at a table looking over the lake-side, outdoor chapel with a giant wooden cross surrounded by wooden benches. Then there were some more crosses. Eventually we all picked up and switched cabins to one closer to the location of the activities we would be participating in. No JESUS or Jesus curtains hanging in this cabin, just a big ol’ cross situated on top of the cabin itself. But this one was much closer to the outdoor chapel so don’t you worry, I had a nice view of the wooden cross whenever I needed to feel the power of Christ. Oh, and there was a big Bible on the shelf in each and every room. The best part, to me, was when I would go into the bathroom there was, posted on the mirror, a placard with a prayer to say while “using the gift of water.” I found this fascinating. Yes, I know water is a limited resource and we often take it for granted, but I’ve never thought to pray for it. Perhaps I will start.


If you’re reading this you may think I have a problem with Jesus and the truth is I do not. He was once a member of the same tribe I belong to–the Jews–so I definitely don’t hate on him. But as a Jew I simply felt odd being surrounded by crosses and the word Jesus everywhere possible. While the retreat had nothing to do with religion, I felt myself feeling awkward because of what surrounded me. I didn’t know what to make of it all so I pretty much just kept talking about it–constantly. That didn’t necessarily make me feel any better about the situation, but I guess it helped me to cope. I know I probably sound like an idiot, but how would you feel if you were put in a place for 24 hours with symbols and words representing a religion you do not practice or believe in?


When all was said and done I got a lot out of the 24 hours I spent on the retreat. I learned to not judge a person based solely on appearance and that everyone is equal. I also learned that despite what our ancestors may have struggled with, we, youth of the present, have been awarded with such incredible opportunities in life and should not take any of them for granted.




My First Time…Being Recognized in Public By A Stranger

4 Aug

No, I’m not a celebrity and no I didn’t star in the latest local college commercial, but apparently I did something right (or just really wrong) because yesterday I got recognized in public–by a completely random girl. Here’s how it all went down:

It was about 6PM and I was exiting my office building. The sky was a spittin’ so I popped open my newly purchased $14 umbrella and was on my way. Suddenly, I heard someone call my name, and ask if it was me. Intrigued, I said yes, and suddenly a young girl showed up in front of me. “Did you go to Camp Summit?” “Yes.” “Do you know so and so?” “Uh, kinda, why?” “Well, I was at her house the other day and we were watching your camp video year book from a few years back and she told me she can’t turn it off because she has to wait and see your division play basketball because you fall during it.” “Oh. Yes. Yes I fell.”

Then her mom stepped into the conversation and asked what I am doing now–like she knew me from my early childhood and wanted to know what I was up to with my life…um, ma’m I don’t even know your child let alone you. Regardless, being the friendly person that I am, I told them and she seemed…disinterested. Then, they just walked away. I don’t even think they said goodbye, and clearly they know who I am but I have no idea who the hell either of them are. A name from either of them would have been nice, but I suppose celebrities can’t get all of their fan’s names anyway. As they walked away I felt compelled to say “have fun and stay dry!” At least I know I did MY part to be polite.


So there you have it. I may have only been recognized for falling during an organized game of basketball during color war at my sleepaway camp 5 or so years ago, but hey, it happened. It may have been incredibly awkward and weird but I can never pass up an opportunity like that.


She should have asked for a picture. Maybe I would have pretended to fall for a nice, reenactment action shot.

Wet Hot American Summer Prequel in the Works?

29 Jun

Could it be true? According to an article on the Huffington Post website, there has been a lot of talk recently surrounding the cult classic, and one of my personal favorite films, Wet Hot American Summer. For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s funny, smart and has a cavalcade of now big name actors such as Michael Ian Black, Molly Shannon, Amy Poeheler, Bradley Cooper and more! It revolves around the last day of sleep away camp and focuses on the counselors and some special campers. It’s fun, quirky, original, hilarious and chock full of memorable and quotable lines. If you’ve ever attended camp of any kind, this is definitely a must-see. It may seem outlandish, crazy and even far fetched but it’s based around truth–some of these weird things really do happen at camp. Even if you haven’t gone to camp, this film will still tickle your funny bone’s fancy–I promise.

A prequel would be an excellent idea for many reasons:

1. It’s a film that didn’t get a lot of hype at first, but since being released in 2001 has become an instant cult classic, thus the audience who would go out and see a prequel or sequel has grown significantly. Basically, this will be a box office hit, especially if it’s anything like the first one.

2. Director David Wain has said that the same actors would be returning and still depict 16/17 year old counselors from that same summer despite many of them now being in their late 30s and early 40s–a hilarious juxtaposition of age.

3. If the original cast is used, people will go see the film solely because of that. Some of WHAS’s characters are now HUGE stars with and even bigger fan-base. I’m sure that a Bradley Cooper fan who hasn’t even heard of the first film will see this based on him being in it.

Overall–smart move! I know I would be absolutely elated if a prequel were to be released, and I’d make everyone I know see it as well–seeing as I already make everyone I know watch WHAS on DVD. Watch the official trailer below and see for yourself! Then go rent the film…or buy it…or it’s available on instant-watch via Netflix.

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