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Syracuse–There’s No “I” In Orange

28 Nov

I wrote a post on Penn State, so it’s only fair that I write one for Syracuse as well…

Please note: this post is heavily based on my opinion. I have watched news coverage and read a few articles and I am also currently a student at the University in question. If I offend anyone I apologize, but I am an opinionated person. Once again, this is my opinion and by no means definitive, factual information. Then again, neither is the majority of anything the media has been saying about this situation either…

Being a current student at SU changes things a little bit. Well, no, it doesn’t. And that’s my point. Just because someone is a student of the University in question doesn’t mean they should act any differently considering the startling news and atrocious allegations. Let me start off by saying that people aren’t just picked at random to be accused of molesting children, or anyone for that matter. I am not saying that Bernie Fine is guilty, but I am saying that perhaps something did happen that was related to child molestation. Or maybe he is guilty, just not to the degree that the alleged victims have set forth for us and through the media. Or, maybe he’s just guilty and a disgusting individual. This is what I thought at first, but now that the voice recording of a phone conversation between Laurie Fine (Bernie’s wife) and Bobby Davis ( the first victim to come forward/the main victim so it seems) have been released, it’s a whole different ball game.

First off, to think that Bobby Davis and Laurie Fine were in cahoots is appalling. What’s even more appalling is that Laurie Fine seemed to know that her husband had been molesting a child/teenager and didn’t say a word to authorities. I understand that sometimes loyalty means more than anything in a relationship, just like how Anthony Weiner’s wife went back to him, but COME ON. This is child molestation for (apparently) over ten years! That’s absurd! So maybe he wasn’t apparently engaging in intercourse with little boys like Sandusky was at Penn State but molestation and sexual abuse is still molestation and sexual abuse at any level. Regardless, if I ever found out my husband was sexually molesting a child/teenager/anyone of any gender I would go to the police immediately, for revenge if nothing else. Think about it–if the allegations are true, Bernie Fine cheated on his wife with, possibly more than one, teenage boy. Sickening.

This evening SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor made the decision to fire Bernie Fine as the assistant coach of the men’s basketball team. As far as I’m concerned, it was the right move to make. Even if the allegations turn out to be false the man must have done something awful to have any allegations against him of this magnitude. Period.

I’m just hoping Jim Boeheim has been telling the truth and truly didn’t know anything about all of this hoopla that (allegedly) went down. To be honest, I had never heard of Bernie Fine before this whole fiasco surfaced. Call me a bad (rotten?) Orange fan, but Jim Boeheim is the face of Syracuse Basketball, so why should I know anyone else? Well, due to some incredibly unfortunate and disheartening events, I now know who Bernie Fine is.

But my main reason for writing this post to to let everyone know that while an individual can ruin something for everyone, one individual is by no means a whole representation. Bernie Fine was a part of Syracuse University, he was by no means the whole enchilada. And by that I mean University. Saying that his actions have made SU a terrible place is like saying that just because **one MLB player molested a child means the entire league is full of child molesters.** It’s not fair to say and that’s just not true. The same goes for Penn State. Yes, there is a lot more evidence against Sandusky to prove that he is guilty of all charges against him, but that doesn’t mean Penn State breeds molesters. One man’s decision should not change how an entire institution is viewed. Of course, thanks to the media, it does, but hopefully only temporarily. 

ESPN jumped the gun on this story and of course the rest of the media followed. Once one source reports, the flood gates open. Somewhere in China, a little boy is scared of Bernie Fine. But it should not be that way. Until FACTS are present the media should not be allowed to release any harmful information that can be considered defamatory. Yes, the new voice recordings certainly seem like grounds to make assumptions on but the question still remains: if these tapes have been around since the early 2000s then why the hell weren’t they brought to authorities sooner? I understand the statutes of limitation had expired because of the timeline but certainly this would have been vital information to bring forward to the University when they conducted their own investigation a few years ago. It just makes no sense. That’s why, despite the voice recorded conversation, something just doesn’t seem right.

I still believe that a boy who is molested from the time he is a teenager until the time he is a young man has the power and mindset to say “this is wrong. This shouldn’t be happening. I need to make this stop.” The fact that Bobby Davis was allegedly molested into his early twenties and he STILL did not do something to stop it makes it seem like it could have been consensual. And then this becomes an entirely different case. Once you’re 18–even 16–you usually know when you do or don’t like something, or if an old man rubbing your genitals is wrong. So why didn’t Davis speak up? There’s got to be something the media is (shockingly) missing or withholding from us. All I can truly say at this point is that something still doesn’t seem right–the facts just don’t add up.

Regardless, this is a time for students, faculty, alumni, friends and family of SU to stand by the University and support the alleged victims 100%. No matter what, SU has given us so much good in our lives that we will look back and only remember what we learned in whatever classes we took, how many overtimes that Big East Tournament game went into and which dining hall had the best food–not that the assistant men’s  basketball coach allegedly molested children and got fired.

There is no “I” in Orange. 

**This is of course a hypothetical statement/situation. A random, false example.


My First Time…Being Recognized in Public By A Stranger

4 Aug

No, I’m not a celebrity and no I didn’t star in the latest local college commercial, but apparently I did something right (or just really wrong) because yesterday I got recognized in public–by a completely random girl. Here’s how it all went down:

It was about 6PM and I was exiting my office building. The sky was a spittin’ so I popped open my newly purchased $14 umbrella and was on my way. Suddenly, I heard someone call my name, and ask if it was me. Intrigued, I said yes, and suddenly a young girl showed up in front of me. “Did you go to Camp Summit?” “Yes.” “Do you know so and so?” “Uh, kinda, why?” “Well, I was at her house the other day and we were watching your camp video year book from a few years back and she told me she can’t turn it off because she has to wait and see your division play basketball because you fall during it.” “Oh. Yes. Yes I fell.”

Then her mom stepped into the conversation and asked what I am doing now–like she knew me from my early childhood and wanted to know what I was up to with my life…um, ma’m I don’t even know your child let alone you. Regardless, being the friendly person that I am, I told them and she seemed…disinterested. Then, they just walked away. I don’t even think they said goodbye, and clearly they know who I am but I have no idea who the hell either of them are. A name from either of them would have been nice, but I suppose celebrities can’t get all of their fan’s names anyway. As they walked away I felt compelled to say “have fun and stay dry!” At least I know I did MY part to be polite.


So there you have it. I may have only been recognized for falling during an organized game of basketball during color war at my sleepaway camp 5 or so years ago, but hey, it happened. It may have been incredibly awkward and weird but I can never pass up an opportunity like that.


She should have asked for a picture. Maybe I would have pretended to fall for a nice, reenactment action shot.


27 Oct

Yesterday I went to an exhibition basketball game at my school with my lovely Irish friend. I had passed out on the couch beforehand, and woke up to her “meowing” like a cat. It was a little weird, but if you really knew her you’d just consider it to be normal behavior for her. Anyways, after she woke me up, I cleaned the drool off my face, and the couch, and collected me belongings. After several attempts to leave for the game because my friend kept forgetting various items such as her student ID, jacket and sanity, we were on our way. We walked up the hills, through the quad, and right to the box office. We purchased our tickets, and made our way into the stadium. To enter, one must first pass through one of the many revolving doors, so obviously we did this, and my friend decided to jump into the same section as me, leaving little to no room to move or breathe. Normally, this would be ok for the 3 seconds we’d actually be in the door, but of course having the luck that I had, we got stuck in the door for about 2 minutes due to the performance/singing of the National Anthem. Now, I understand that there should be absolute silence and consideration while the National Anthem is being performed, but since when is it ok to suffocate two human beings? I understand people die in wars for our country, but I don’t think it’s right for 2 college students to perish, due to suffocation, just for the National Anthem–just sayin’. (But actually, it wasn’t that big of a deal, we laughed at the situation and just shared air) Anyways, we made our way in, finally, and walked around half the stadium to sit in one of the designated student areas. The game ended up being pretty great because our team won by slaughtering the other–minus the blood, guts, etc. It was a good day.

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