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What I Thought of Miley Cyrus’ 2013 VMAs Performance–It All Twerked Out!

26 Aug
via Billboard.com

via Billboard.com

For those of you that know me personally, you know that I’m a huge Miley Cyrus fan. More so than any 23 year old should be, and I have absolutely no shame about that. Maybe that’s why I’m about to say what I’m about to say, but screw it–I’m just being Allie.

I had the privilege of being in attendance last night at the Barclays Center where, above all else, Miley twerked on Robin Thicke and NSYNC got back together, for a little over a minute. While all the performances individually can probably inspire lengthy, analytic blog posts, the one truly worth talking about, and on everyone’s mind, is Miley’s. Don’t agree with me? Well, clearly a handful of people do considering her name was mentioned 4.5 MILLION times via social media last night. Four. Point. Five. MILLION. That’s A LOT of teddy bears. And trust me, being there to see the performance in person was just as exhausting, insane and fun as one may imagine. But I didn’t even cringe once–and here’s why…

Miley’s performance was truly a clusterf**k of bears, latex, bears, a foam finger, twerking, butts and sex. Sex sex sex. All the sex. And she brought Robin Thicke out, who sings the sex anthem of the summer, “Blurred Lines,” to sex some more. There was grinding there was twerking there was big-booty-slapping and there were horrified tweens and moms failing to cover eyes in the audience. It was the twerk-wreck of the night and no one could look away. NO ONE. Why? Well, everyone loves to see a star descend which is what tons of people think is happening but is that really what it is? Is Miley truly about to combust and land herself in treatment of some kind? Yes, she’s admitted to smoking marijuana but so have several of my friends and none of them need to seek help of the therapeutic kind. She’s not addicted to marijuana or molly or alcohol. She’s not hurting herself. She’s not going psycho a-la Amanda Bynes. All the girl wants to do is twerk. So if there’s a clinic tucked away in the hills of Malibu that specializes in teddy bears ‘n’ twerks, sign her up, but other than that, she’s just being Miley. She cut her hair, she didn’t shave her head. She’s been in the studio and out there promoting her new single and album. She’s working and hustling, but in her own special way.

She’s coming into her own. Another Disney star gone raw and a bit off the rails but she hasn’t done anything wrong. Shock and offend? Sure, but that’s incredibly easy to do. Heck, I throw on a bathing suit and stroll around the beaches of Southampton and do just that. This is why “Blurred Lines” was the perfect song for Miley to sing along with Mr. Thicke. You see, she was a good girl, she can’t be domesticated (which, mind you, is exactly what she was trying to tell EVERYONE with her single “Can’t Be Tamed” back when she had all of her hair), but she just wants to start that endless journey to find out what exactly rhymes with “hug me.” Honestly, the worst thing about Miley’s performance was Robin’s suit but “hey hey hey,” she most likely had no control over that–or at least as much as she did over her butt-cheeks flopping out of her latex a little bit. That last part was unfortunate, actually. But these things happen! At least it wasn’t a boob.

Her performance was SMART. SMART SMART SMART. Why? Because this was the 30th anniversary of the VMAs, and while not exactly known for its prominence in the musical world–which is fine because it focuses on the music video aspect of the song, not the song itself which is proper considering MTV’s roots grew from music videos–it has been known for some of the most outrageous award show moments. It’s been a while since the VMAs were the canvas for something truly unbelievable, vulgar and borderline Cinemax, and Miley knew this was her time to shine. Her time to step in and say “I’ll raise your Britney Spears skin-toned, bejeweled body suit and give you a skin-toned rubber glove, high-waisted bikini.” She WENT for it. She WANTED to be talked about and get coverage on every major news outlet AND SHE DID. And the fact that she was able to win the night–socially, at least–for a performance at the same awards show where MOTHER EFFIN *NSYNC REUNITED is truly unbelievable and just goes to show that not only can she not stop but she can’t BE stopped. Miley knew what she was about to do and she blew everyone out of the water–and their comfort zone. She took two of the biggest songs of this summer and combined them into one, over-the-top and sexually confused performance. It was brilliant.

via Twitter

via Twitter

So, while you’re sitting there with your judgement face on wearing your judgement panties, Miley Cyrus is laughing all the way to, well, I’m not exactly sure, but probably somewhere that sells both foam fingers and teddy bears. Maybe “take your child to the game” day at a local sports venue. I don’t know. What I DO know is that even if you had to turn your television off or switch over to Breaking Bad for the six-or-so minutes Miley graced the Barclays Center stage, you definitely tuned in today to one of the various news outlets that covered the story for hours upon end. Analyzing each move, talking about her mother and father’s reactions, and the Smith family’s as well. You wanted to avoid it, you wanted to say “that was horrific and disgusting and I refuse to watch it” but right now you’re thinking, what the hell happened? And searching for it on the interwebs. So, let me save you some trouble because you can find the video RIGHT HERE on CNN’s website. Yes, CNN. Who also dedicated an entire section to her performance on their homepage today, the day after the VMAs aired.

via CNN.com

via CNN.com

Overall, her performance WAS ridiculous and insane and outrageous and shocking but it will be talked about for years and because of that, when Miley’s new album drops on October 8th, it’s going to receive all the more attention. As absurd as the performance was, it twerked.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it–Miley’s 2013 VMA performance is the new “Britney/Madonna Kiss.”

*Please note all of the above is my opinion.*


Had I Won That Mega Millions…

1 Apr

Yesterday was the first time I bought a lottery ticket. After asking two different strangers how to fill out the slip, I figured it out and had my ticket handy! Like most people, I knew the odds weren’t in my favor, or anyone’s for that matter, but I still had hope based off that clever slogan “Hey, you never know.” Well, most of me did know that I wouldn’t win but of course, like anyone, I had a tiny–and I mean microscopic/minuscule–glimmer of hope. So, with that hope, I decided to make a list of what I’d do with the money that I won.

First I decided to check off the box that would award the money to me across 26 annual payments as opposed to one lump sum. Why? Well, the man who explained to me how to do it suggested that for someone my age, that may be the smarter choice. My mom, however, then told me that the lump sum may have been better, God forbid something terrible happened and I didn’t survive for those 26 years after winning and then the rest of my winnings would go to no one. I explained to my mom that 1. the odds of me winning were so incredibly slim and 2. that, on the off chance I did win, I’d then also have to die before the age of 47 3. If I did win and came down with an illness or disease that would ultimately lead to that untimely death, I’d probably have enough money to ensure the best possible health care and treatment, so the the odds of me winning AND THEN dying before the age of 47 were so slim that I figured checking off the “26 annual payments” box was warranted. In the end, I didn’t win, but this was my thought process.

Here’s what I would have done with the money: (well, some of what I would have done)

-Financed a feature film that I wrote, directed and starred in and get Alec Baldwin, Rooney Mara, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Nick Offerman, Tina Fey and Dennis Quaid to co-star as my siblings.

-Bought out my grandmother’s apartment, along with the unit above hers, and made it into a kick-ass duplex and fill one floor with puppies and then have Miley Cyrus play at my apartment warming party.

-Donate at least $1,000,000 to Autism Speaks and the American Cancer Society.

-Build myself a walk in closet larger than my bedroom, most likely.

-Treat myself to a pair of authentic Nike “Tiffany SB” Dunks.

-Pay my way into guest starring on such TV shows as Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Modern Family and Pretty Little Liars until I became “that girl.”

-Finally produce my musical “Moo Shu Jew.”

-Give my mom and dad money

-Buy a neon green Lamborghini, blue Range Rover Sport and a matte black Mercedes G wagon.

I’d probably do some traveling, try that weird, ice cream sundae with the 14K gold flakes in it and some other weird stuff too, but I’d also put money away–duh!

Well, that’s some of what I would have done had I won last night. But I didn’t. So. Back to the usual life of A Ditk.

Fillin’ Seats

22 Nov

Tonight I was a “seat filler” at the American Music Awards. What’s a seat filler, you ask? Well, a seat filler is just a person who sits in seats randomly when one opens up so that the audience always appears to be full. This could be the seat of a celebrity like Taylor Swift or a nobody like John Smith. There were over 300 of us so I didn’t think I’d get to go anywhere but low and behold I ended up sitting in like the 16th row for the entire show because someone didn’t show up. I sat next to a guy that was in a band in the 90s called “Freak” but they were never signed. I got to see all of the performances and a lot of the artists would pass by and were only about 15-20 feet infront of me, so it was pretty cool. Before the show we were in a holding area right around the corner from where the performing artists’ trailers were, so P.Diddy, Usher, Ke$ha and half of the Backstreet Boys passed by me. That was fun. I stood outside of Miley’s trailer for a while, but no luck. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. They gave us takeout containers with a turkey sandwich, cookies, chips and an apple while we were waiting in the holding area. We noticed there was a door leading inside to a tent that had food/hair/makeup for extras, dancers, stage hands, producers, etc. I wanted to go into that tent. A few of my friends got in, so I decided it aint no thang, so I just waltzed in with a few other people from my program. There was a carving station, dessert table, shrimp–a far cry from our styrofoam container lunches. I had a small, afternoon tea sized lemon cake. It was good, I suppose. Outside after the awards I saw Kelly Osbourne…I told her she looks amazing…she said “Thank you so much!” It was my moment of the night. After I got home, I changed and then went to Bob’s Big Boy (diner) with one of my friends. We had a delightful meal, and while we were standing in line waiting to pay after eating, I noticed that Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame was standing behind me. That was also fun.

And that was my day. Not too shabby considering the seat I sat in was surrounded by people who paid $4,000 for their seats.


The Amazing Miley

8 Nov

miley-cyrus-wonderworld-tour-2As you aDITKs may or may not know, I am a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan, so naturally when I found out about her MileyWorld 2009 tour, I had to get tickets. I waited for months and finally the event came! So last night, my friend and I drove over to NJ to see Miley in all her glory. I honestly have nothing else to say except for the fact that the show was amazing. She sang all the hits–See You Again, The Climb, Party in the USA–and more. Obviously there’s got to be more to a Miley concert than just singing and dancing, and trust me, there were lots of extras and surprises.

First, during Fly on the Wall, Miley was suspended in air, flying above the crowd like a fly, I guess–it just looked really cool. Then, at the end of Fly on the Wall, Miley and her dancers did a short, dance tribute to the late king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, by dancing to Thriller. It was a short but sweet tribute that definitely made a mark. Later on, Miley covered “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” while soaring above the crowd on a red motorcycle–that was interesting, but entertaining nonetheless. Then, about halfway through the concert, Miley treated the entire crowd to a preview of her new movie, coming out sometime next year, The Last Song, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks (also wrote The Notebook). From the looks of the preview, the movie looks amazing, and so does her co-star and rumored boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. At the end of the trailer, which isn’t even available in good quality on YouTube, the screen read that the movie features new songs from Miley Cyrus, so of course as soon as the screen went blank, Miley appeared at sitting at a piano on stage and performed what I guess is one of the songs from the movie. It was fantastic–and a shameless plug.

Overall, aside from being the oldest person there who wasn’t a parent, I had a great time and cannot wait to see Miley on her next tour, whenever it may be. I don’t know why I love Miley so much–my dad thinks I have a problem–but I think it’s because her music is just so fun, energetic and clean that it makes me feel carefree, and like a kid again. I guess Miley’s music is just like a guilty pleasure of mine, something I can listen to when I want to escape from the chaos and stress that is college life. Oh well, I guess life with Miley is just another Party in the USA.

Miley & Me.

10 Jul

     I don’t know what it is about Miley Cyrus, but I just can’t get enough. I understand that I am way too old to be enjoying her and her music, but let’s face it…I LOVE her and her music. It’s ridiculous sometimes, and everyone and their mother, including my own mother, makes fun of me for it, but what can I say? her music is fun, youthful, and ever-so-catchy! You can dance to it, you can sway to it, you can cry to it, and God knows I can lip-sync to it. If you can get past the fact that she’s a pop-star, and a mere 16 years young, and listen up to her lyrics, she’s actually sending out some pretty good messages in her music. She may not write all her songs, but she can sing, and boy oh boy can she sing. I wonder if her father’s heart is achey-breaky-broken now that he knows his daughter is a million times more successful at age 16 than he ever was as a one-hit-wonder. Yeah, there’s all of this drama surrounding her, but that comes with being a celebrity, it’s pretty much just jealousy, because even Jon and Kate are being gossiped about, and they are just a family!…that happens to have a freakishly large amount of kids, but that’s besides the point. Regardless, Miley Cyrus is a gem who has a lot of talent in bot the acting and performing departments. Her music, movies, television show, anything she touches turns to gold! With the exception of her ex-Justin Gaston…he’s pretty great looking, except he seems like a major D-Bag. Oh well! That’s why his new first name is EX!Miley Cyrus In The FleshThe Best Movie EVER

     I went to see Miley perform as a part of Z100’s Zootopia like last year, and I know it’s sad, but I nearly had a panic attack when she came out onto stage because I was in the same room as her–and about 30,000 other individuals. We may have been several yards apart, but I felt the connection–she was singing to me because I totally know we’d make the bestest best friends everrrr! Hip-hip-hooray for Miley.

      I will be seeing her in concert this November and I can barely contain myself. I plan on standing by the stage door after the concert is through with hopes of meeting the princess of pop herself. If I can get a picture with her, I would absolutely just drop dead from happiness…right then and there…which may be awkward for her, but whatever, at least I would have met her! And if I do meet her, and manage not to drop dead, well then I will be taking the picture of us and transferring it onto t-shirts and mugs to hand out to people. If it ever happens, maybe I’ll sell them on this blog, who knows? All I know is Miley & Me are destined to be best friends! and Miley & Me has a certain ring to it…probably because of the novel Marley & Me, that was also made into a motion picture…no, that can’t be it.

     For all of you people out there who are still hesitant about diving into the Miley Cyrus pool of greatness, take it slow, test the water with your toes first…I recommend these songs:

  • See You Again
  • Dream
  • Right Here
  • Start All Over
  • G.N.O- Girl’s Night Out
  • The Climb
  • Full Circle
  • Simple Song

If those songs don’t get you into the Miley groove, then you need to seek medical help, because you may be dead…or have a busted ear drum.


Best Wishes! “Wake up America”!

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