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13 Jul

Today I am embarking on a rigorous journey. A journey that not many people are brave enough to partake in. For today I will travel to the depths of the earth–the concourse level Starbucks at 30 Rock–to fetch myself the most desired object in the world today. What’s being referred to as the holy grail of coffee-store-chain-cups–the Trenta.

I stuck with my usual–black iced tea with four Sweet & Lows–but this time had it served in a Trenta, not some puny Venti.

Side note, why does Starbucks have to try and be all Italian all the time? Grande, Venti, Trenta…your true colors shine through with Tall. Seriously guys, you started in Seattle. Not even Little Italy in New York or California and most definitely not the real Italy, who you tryna kid?

Anyways, I started sippin’ my Trenta around 10:45AM and I suspect to have my first bathroom break around 11:30 and then one every hour for 5 hours straight after that. I may or may not keep you posted. We’ll see.

UPDATE: First bathroom break at 11:50AM


Resolutions 2011

6 Jan

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t post my new year’s resolutions for all to see? Well, a less predictable one, but that’s besides the point. So here they are, folks, my new year’s resolutions for the year 2011!

To follow through on my own personal writing instead of starting a piece and abandoning it half way. If I finished all of the pieces I’ve started, I’d have a writing portfolio full of original storied, concepts and scripts thicker than…thick.

To lose weight. What kind of person would I be if this wasn’t one of my resolutions?

To truly help others. I want to do some volunteer work, and also reach out to some people I know personally and help them through any tough times they may be having. I’m not always such a nice person, so I want to try and make up for my occasional awfulness.

To learn to cook. I love watching The Food Network and sometimes when I make myself lunch, or even just heat up a Lean Cuisine, I like to narrate what I’m doing in my head as if I was on my own cooking show. I’m a loser, but I think it’d be fun to be able to cook for my friends and have them asking for seconds, instead of them just asking for another go-around at the drive-thru.

To build my portfolio and strengthen my connections. This one sort of ties into the first one on my list, but I basically want to secure myself a job as much as possible for post-graduation. I don’t want to be unsure of my future come May 2012, I want to know where I’m going and have a plan–I want to be successful!

To stay focused. Both in life and with my school work. I want to earn stellar grades while immersing myself into the campus community as much as possible. I also want to do all of this without freaking out due to stress and work-overload.


Looks like I’ve got a hefty set of goals/resolutions. Gotta get crackin’!

Oh, I Can’t Believe It.

23 Sep

It’s only been 3 short months since I launched The Life of A Ditk, and we’re nearing 3,000 hits! That’s insane…that’s like 1,000 visitors a month! Yes, I know Perez and Kanye get like 1,000 visitors every hour, but they are famous, I am not–yet. I just want to thank everyone who actually still reads this crap, because it means a lot! I’ve gotten such great feedback from friends, family, and strangers (fans? no? ok…) and it makes me feel like I’m well liked, though I know my writing is the liked one in this situation, not necessarily me myself. Oh well. Anyways, I’ll keep writing if you promise to keep reading, actually, I’ll probably keep writing even if you don’t keep reading, but where’s the fun in that? Exactly. Keep your eyes peeled because I’m working on some great new features for my blog–like a Podcast–that will only increase the fun, LOLz and tears(of joy).

In other news, why does Jesse McCartney have a new song featuring T-Pain? Someone buy him a mirror, I don’t think he knows his skin is white. Not to mention, he used to be “down on Dream Street” and I don’t think T-Pain was ever in a boy band–just sayin’.


3 Sep

Attention ladies and gents, I hope you’re sitting down because I’ve got some GREAT news! Ready? wait for it…wait for it…ok that’s enough waiting–there’s a new page on the Life of A Ditk! And incase you were wondering, peeing your pants is indeed a normal side affect to this level of excitement–I know I almost did it myself, but being that I’m the one who actually added the new page, well, that’d just be weird, but I never actually claim to be normal, so all is fair in love and blogs.

Anyways, the new page can be accessed on the tabs at the top of the homepage, directly next to the “About” tab. Once opened, you will find yourself amongst a sea of short stories that make up a paper I had to write for a class last semester. Incase you have to still ask after reading my blog–yes, all the stories are absolutely, 110% true! You know my motto, “you can’t make this shit up” and I promise you, it’s all real. So take a look, laugh, cry, dance, whatever you’re into, just read it because you’re gonna like the way it looks, I guarantee it…Ditk’s [Story] Warehouse.

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