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An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

20 May
via Getty Images

via Getty Images

Dear Justin,

First off let me say that I enjoy your music. It’s fun, catchy and your story, however redundant it gets, is inspiring. I can even deal with your diaper-like pants but what I cannot stand are your fans.

I’m not discounting their devotion, because it’s definitely top-notch, but they’re a little over the top in the sense that they would KILL someone if that person said something negative about you. This simply is not right.

Last night I was watching the Billboard Music Awards. An hour or so before you were booed while on stage, you performed a song I’ve never heard. It wasn’t a bad song, but I noticed that you were lip syncing. Even if it wasn’t a full lip sync and you were using a backtrack to help pick up where you may have lacked in your vocals, it looked like you were lip syncing.  I understand artists do this literally all of the time, which is disappointing, but regardless of that, I tweeted about what I believed I saw.


A harmless observation and request

Literally seconds later I received a tweet in response…


**Please note that I have blued-out the username of the girl who tweeted at me last night because this is regarding your entire fan base, she now, unfortunately, serves as the poster child for all of them.**

Now, I don’t think this is an appropriate response. Maybe I’m wrong or just naive but does tweeting that you lip synced during your performance make me a slut? Last time I checked I didn’t sleep with the founder of Twitter to send out that tweet, nor did I sleep with anyone who gave me inside information about your performance and even if I had slept with ONE person that by no means makes me a slut. Not only is calling someone a slut a form of bullying, but calling someone a slut who you don’t even know is a form of ignorance, and just cruel. Let me be clear–this didn’t anger or upset me, but had she said this to someone else, it could have drastically upset them. Luckily, she got herself into a tiff with someone who happens to have a wild sense of humor–yes, I’m talking about myself.

The conversation didn’t stop there…


Are you alarmed yet? Have you noticed that this young fan is ONLY 11 YEARS OLD? This became an entirely different conversation once I found out she’s 11. Setting aside that she’s a crazy fan, her language is atrocious for someone her age. Are they learning slang for the male genitalia that early? What’s happening? I know you don’t curse in your songs so perhaps this isn’t your fault, but to what level do you brainwash your fans to get them to pull out all the stops when it comes to defending your honor? It’s not like I even said “Justin sucks!” or anything of that nature. I made a claim, I stand behind it 100%, and this is what I get? From someone not even following me? From someone HALF my age? I attempted to change the tone of the conversation:


She actually admitted to taking you more seriously than school. I don’t care if you’re famous, rich, poor, performing on the street or performing in a sold out arena–education is important. Even you should know this. I saw that documentary of yours, I know you have a teacher who teaches you on the road. What’s going on here?

As you probably have heard, bullying is an epidemic. Thousands of kids and even adults are affected daily and several instances have unfortunately resulted in death, often by suicide. You teach your fans to believe, never say never and that if you were their boyfriend, you’d never let them go. Don’t you teach your fans not to bully, too? Well, that’s exactly what they do. And I bet once I tweet the link to this letter some girl who sits and stares at her phone all day, refreshing the Justin Bieber search she has permanently glued to her Twitter account will read the letter, try to define a bunch of the larger and above grade level words in it and then send me a poorly worded attack that calls me something I’m not just because I chose to speak my mind in an incredibly mild manner. Justin, I’m not expecting your fans to stop piercing eardrums with their high-pitched screams, I’m not asking you to stop making music, heck, I’m not even going to ask you to stop wearing leather drop-crotch pants because that’s your choice and doesn’t really affect others too negatively, but I will ask that you please try and control your fans to some degree. The girl who fired back at me over and over via Twitter last night actually said that she takes you more seriously than school! Like, that actually happened! Is that what you want? To have an army if uneducated and delinquent fans? Lets be honest, it’s only a matter of time before you get arrested for God knows what but until then, lead by example. Pull up your pants and teach tolerance, love and acceptance.

I’m not saying the way your fans act is your fault but they idolize you–so maybe you should take that as an opportunity to teach them to be better people, to not bully others and to not spread hate for no apparent reason. Teach them that you can fight your own battles, haters and speeding tickets. I know you’ve never asked them to help you fight a speeding ticket but explain to them that these are your battles. Not theirs. You say it should be about the music, well, encouraging them to buy your records is fine, but you need to encourage them not to be rude or disrespectful just because someone doesn’t share the same taste in music as them.

Whether you were lip syncing or not, I’m not a slut. Even if I was a slut, it would have nothing to do with you having lip synced. Your fans are so ruthless and willing to do literally anything for you that I’m worried they’re going to keep the bullying epidemic going and eventually something terrible could happen.
Please do something about this. Go on Ellen if you have too. It doesn’t matter where, but it matters when–and that time is now. You were booed on stage last night. You won that award because your fans are relentless, but clearly those who were present, people who aren’t necessarily in your fan wheelhouse, didn’t think you deserved it and also thought you were wearing too much leather and acted way too cocky with your leather and aviators. Slow down, Bieber, and control your fans–otherwise you’re going to spiral out of control and find yourself composing jingles for a Canadian restaurant chain.

East Coast Quake

24 Aug

Today was a day that will always be remembered as the day the Earth kind of stood still. For today, the East Coast experienced a 5.9 earthquake. To be exact, the quake originated in Virginia and was felt in various states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. When the quake hit, I happened to be sitting in a hair salon getting my hair did. My hairdresser didn’t feel it, but I did. First the chair started shaking and I mentioned “something is shaking” to which my hairdresser replied “It’s the vent. Sometime’s it takes a few minutes but it will stop.” But then I noticed the mirrors were shaking and that’s when the women in the back room yelled out “the room is shaking!” and that’s when my friend who works in Washington, DC texted me “EARTHQUAKE.” This is when I knew what I was feeling wasn’t just native to New York. So I took to Twitter, naturally, and found out more information in mere seconds than I could have by watching the news for 20 minutes. Friends of mine from various different states commented on the shaking they felt which indicated that it was felt in numerous states up and down the East Coast. Then, the jokes began. There were plenty about the debt ceiling physically collapsing because of the quake as well as pictures of the “devastating aftermath” that just had a lawn chair lying on the ground. I laughed…a lot. The one thing that angered me about this whole earthquake business was that everyone in New York was all like “oh snap! NY had a 5.9 quake! OMG!” well, New Yorker, no…no we didn’t have a 5.9 quake. You see, Virginia had a 5.9 earthquake…we just felt it here in New York. Come on! We’ve already got the best pizza, cheesecake, hot dogs and public transportation, let’s not hog something that rightfully belongs to a different state!

Now, for those of you who didn’t experience this little milkshake of a quake, it went a little something like this:

“Hey, I think the chair is shaking.”

“Yeah. That’s weird.”

“Maybe a train is passing.”

“Must have.”

And that was it. The way I would describe the brief shaking that lasted all of 15-3o seconds in NY was like the experience you get when you’re sitting in your car, stopped in a turning lane as all of the other cars plow past your vehicle and there’s that little WOOSH feeling. Either that or it’s the brief, subtle shaking your house has when you life a few blocks away from a train station. So, it wasn’t anything life-threatening–thank goodness–around these parts, but it caused some minor damage in certain areas. A friend of mine who lives in Virginia told me a few pictures fell off her wall and her glass of water spilled over on her nightstand. Nothing that a few nails and a paper towel can’t fix. I’m hoping no one had any damage greater than that, and at the moment no casualties have been reported.

Then there’s all of these snooty Californian earthquake connoisseurs with their noses in the air saying (in a french, wine country accent) “zis was no earfquake. Here in Cali-for-nnnia we have zee biggest earfquakes you will ever zee or feel. They shake le grapes and make our wine go bad.” And then the East Coast responds with, if you had snow you’d build underground shelters. We’re not used to quakes! We don’t have earthquake safety instructions glued to the hotel bathroom mirrors–we have emergency snow routes.

Rockin’ Robin

10 Sep

Thanks to an overly ambitious twitter-using-friend of mine, I now have a Twitter account. Some of you may be thinking “well, it’s about time” while others are thinking “oh crap, more crap” I understand the second thought is more likely. Regardless, I have now found a way to post my 5 most recent “Tweets” on the side of this page for your enjoyment so if I can’t get to my blog, you can still know what I am doing at every moment…in about 2-5 hour intervals–I know, it’s like Christmas came early.

Also, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, my username is a_ditk. So, yeah, that’s about it.

Happy tweeting.

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