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The Elderly

2 Jul

I feel like I really know old people. I mean, senior citizens. The elderly?

I’m really in touch with them. I may even be turning into one. I only shop at department stores, I love a good coupon and Mah Jongg is quickly becoming one of my favorite games. All of this may just make me Jewish, but I’d like to think I’m one with the elderly. Except I can still drive above 35mph and still stay within one lane.

A lot of people dislike the elderly. And after living with my grandmother for a few summers I can definitely understand why, but I think they’re more lovable than anything else. They’ve gone through a lot, most of them at least. Wars, depression, seeing their loved ones pass away and movie tickets used to be about 50cents, so give them a break because life used to be better for most of them.

The elderly are incredibly lovely, intelligent, bitter people. Well, not all of them are bitter but some of the folks I hang out with are. But then again, so are some of the younger people I hang out with. Even I’m bitter about some things in life. Like, a Sonic finally opened on Long Island but it’s still about 40 minutes away from me. That kind of bitter, I guess.

You’d be amazed–the elderly talk shit about each other! It’s awesome. There’s no other way to describe it. And they do it the old fashioned way–in person. They don’t cowardly hide behind a text or email (mostly because they wouldn’t know how to do that) they just say it without hesitation. “That woman is a pain.” “Oh, that Rhonda? She’s no good.” None of it ever goes above and beyond simplistic shit talking, but it’s just so great. And they gossip! I’ll never forget listening to my grandmother and her friend s discuss the Anthony Weiner scandal last year during a weekly game of Mah Jongg. Ironically, I tweeted about it. They don’t get Twitter, either, but they’re all at different levels of technological understanding. There’s the most basic level which I believe is where my mom’s mom is–they can use a cell phone but don’t know how to do anything else. They also can’t text. Then there’s a more advanced level, which is where my dad’s mom is–they can use cell phones, text, surf the web and send/receive emails. Then, of course, there’s what I like to call the super-advanced elderly who can do everything the basic and advanced elderly can do, plus more. This includes, but is not limited to, setting up and understanding the concept of wifi, changing ink cartridges and installing software.

One common misconception about old people is that they really like a good, quality sweater vest. Well, for the past few summers I’ve been living with my grandmother while working in the city and let me tell you I rarely see any sweater vests. My grandmother likes to wear “boxy” shirts, actually. Perhaps the lack of sweater vests correlates directly with the increase in the heat index over the summer but never mind that. Just know that sweater vests are not synonymous with the elderly.

They’re such a unique demographic in the sense that many of them don’t know what demographic they’re a part of. For example, my grandmother likes to see movies, but doesn’t necessarily go to films meant for her demographic, i.e. the time she went to see “Corky Romano,” that lovely Chris Kattan movie that no one, except for my grandmother, saw. Just the other day she decided to go to a Thai Chi class at the Y and hated it. The twist? She said it was too slow for her. Funny, you’d think she’d be too slow for it. But that’s just it. The elderly aren’t all they’re assumed to be. Yes they play Mah Jongg and yes they don’t understand how to turn on a computer but they’ll often surprise you. For instance, my grandmother still has the tolerance to book airline tickets over the phone. NO ONE does that anymore! But she does–and that surprises me. Not that she uses the phone, but her level of tolerance for actually speaking to someone over the phone in a day and age where the Internet is king. What’s the Internet? Just kidding, I’m not feeling that old. Also, she doesn’t have plastic on any of her couches. So, take that, society.

I’m not exactly ready to board a Mah Jongg cruise (which my grandmother goes on annually) but I’d say it’s definitely a possibility in the future. If anything, I’m ahead of the game and will make a killing in the Mah Jongg teaching business when I’m older and looking for something to generate income after retirement. You may laugh now, but I shall laugh later. All the way to the (Zipper coin purse) bank!

My name is Allie, I’m 21 years young and I’m proud to say that I listen to the baseball game on the radio while my grandmother and I eat dinner supper in the dining room.


The Last Day…Or Is It?

1 May

Don’t let the title fool you because yes, I’m definitely graduating, with flying colors I believe (I should check on that flag I ordered…) Today is officially my last day of classes as a college student and, let’s be honest, probably forever. But am I sad? No. Am I anxious? Not really. There are a few classes I’ve taken throughout my college career that I’d take forever, but I’d totally cool with the idea of never taking a college course again.

This may be my last day of classes, but it’s not the last time I’ll be on this campus, wear the color orange, attend an SU sporting event or see my friends. Today just marks the end of forking over $50,000/year and trekking up and down hills to distant academic buildings and slaving over studying for exams. So, in a sense, today is a pretty good day.

Graduation will just confirm everything I mentioned above, so over the next 2 weeks leading up to graduation, I hope to accomplish everything that’s left for me to do–pass my 2 final exams, hand in my 9-12 page paper on the scoring style of Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor.

That’s all for now!

Syracuse–There’s No “I” In Orange

28 Nov

I wrote a post on Penn State, so it’s only fair that I write one for Syracuse as well…

Please note: this post is heavily based on my opinion. I have watched news coverage and read a few articles and I am also currently a student at the University in question. If I offend anyone I apologize, but I am an opinionated person. Once again, this is my opinion and by no means definitive, factual information. Then again, neither is the majority of anything the media has been saying about this situation either…

Being a current student at SU changes things a little bit. Well, no, it doesn’t. And that’s my point. Just because someone is a student of the University in question doesn’t mean they should act any differently considering the startling news and atrocious allegations. Let me start off by saying that people aren’t just picked at random to be accused of molesting children, or anyone for that matter. I am not saying that Bernie Fine is guilty, but I am saying that perhaps something did happen that was related to child molestation. Or maybe he is guilty, just not to the degree that the alleged victims have set forth for us and through the media. Or, maybe he’s just guilty and a disgusting individual. This is what I thought at first, but now that the voice recording of a phone conversation between Laurie Fine (Bernie’s wife) and Bobby Davis ( the first victim to come forward/the main victim so it seems) have been released, it’s a whole different ball game.

First off, to think that Bobby Davis and Laurie Fine were in cahoots is appalling. What’s even more appalling is that Laurie Fine seemed to know that her husband had been molesting a child/teenager and didn’t say a word to authorities. I understand that sometimes loyalty means more than anything in a relationship, just like how Anthony Weiner’s wife went back to him, but COME ON. This is child molestation for (apparently) over ten years! That’s absurd! So maybe he wasn’t apparently engaging in intercourse with little boys like Sandusky was at Penn State but molestation and sexual abuse is still molestation and sexual abuse at any level. Regardless, if I ever found out my husband was sexually molesting a child/teenager/anyone of any gender I would go to the police immediately, for revenge if nothing else. Think about it–if the allegations are true, Bernie Fine cheated on his wife with, possibly more than one, teenage boy. Sickening.

This evening SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor made the decision to fire Bernie Fine as the assistant coach of the men’s basketball team. As far as I’m concerned, it was the right move to make. Even if the allegations turn out to be false the man must have done something awful to have any allegations against him of this magnitude. Period.

I’m just hoping Jim Boeheim has been telling the truth and truly didn’t know anything about all of this hoopla that (allegedly) went down. To be honest, I had never heard of Bernie Fine before this whole fiasco surfaced. Call me a bad (rotten?) Orange fan, but Jim Boeheim is the face of Syracuse Basketball, so why should I know anyone else? Well, due to some incredibly unfortunate and disheartening events, I now know who Bernie Fine is.

But my main reason for writing this post to to let everyone know that while an individual can ruin something for everyone, one individual is by no means a whole representation. Bernie Fine was a part of Syracuse University, he was by no means the whole enchilada. And by that I mean University. Saying that his actions have made SU a terrible place is like saying that just because **one MLB player molested a child means the entire league is full of child molesters.** It’s not fair to say and that’s just not true. The same goes for Penn State. Yes, there is a lot more evidence against Sandusky to prove that he is guilty of all charges against him, but that doesn’t mean Penn State breeds molesters. One man’s decision should not change how an entire institution is viewed. Of course, thanks to the media, it does, but hopefully only temporarily. 

ESPN jumped the gun on this story and of course the rest of the media followed. Once one source reports, the flood gates open. Somewhere in China, a little boy is scared of Bernie Fine. But it should not be that way. Until FACTS are present the media should not be allowed to release any harmful information that can be considered defamatory. Yes, the new voice recordings certainly seem like grounds to make assumptions on but the question still remains: if these tapes have been around since the early 2000s then why the hell weren’t they brought to authorities sooner? I understand the statutes of limitation had expired because of the timeline but certainly this would have been vital information to bring forward to the University when they conducted their own investigation a few years ago. It just makes no sense. That’s why, despite the voice recorded conversation, something just doesn’t seem right.

I still believe that a boy who is molested from the time he is a teenager until the time he is a young man has the power and mindset to say “this is wrong. This shouldn’t be happening. I need to make this stop.” The fact that Bobby Davis was allegedly molested into his early twenties and he STILL did not do something to stop it makes it seem like it could have been consensual. And then this becomes an entirely different case. Once you’re 18–even 16–you usually know when you do or don’t like something, or if an old man rubbing your genitals is wrong. So why didn’t Davis speak up? There’s got to be something the media is (shockingly) missing or withholding from us. All I can truly say at this point is that something still doesn’t seem right–the facts just don’t add up.

Regardless, this is a time for students, faculty, alumni, friends and family of SU to stand by the University and support the alleged victims 100%. No matter what, SU has given us so much good in our lives that we will look back and only remember what we learned in whatever classes we took, how many overtimes that Big East Tournament game went into and which dining hall had the best food–not that the assistant men’s  basketball coach allegedly molested children and got fired.

There is no “I” in Orange. 

**This is of course a hypothetical statement/situation. A random, false example.

My Weekend With Jesus

5 Sep

This past weekend I attended a leadership retreat for the Greek council leaders at my University. Being on the Panhellenic council, I hopped on the bus, that left an hour late, and was on my way to the retreat site along with about 30 other students. Upon arriving, the camp grounds looked like…well, camp grounds. Just your typical NY, old school cabins, scenery, etc. The lake was beautiful, though. Before I stepped off the bus I said to my supervisor “I hope they don’t try and convert me to Catholicism.” He laughed. I hope he knew I was joking–about the conversion part…I knew no one would try and do it, but I like being Jewish…just sayin’. After being greeted by a sea of crosses, we arrived at our bunk to find the word JESUS plastered above each interior door. That wasn’t all, though, because there was a surprise waiting for me once I got to the room I was staying in. For on the window of the door to the room was a curtain. And on this curtain was “I ❤ Jesus” printed hundreds of times in different directions. Now I know which fabric swatch I should have used to make that pillow in 6th grade home-ec. Darn.

Later we went into the dining hall where we found more crosses, as we sat at a table looking over the lake-side, outdoor chapel with a giant wooden cross surrounded by wooden benches. Then there were some more crosses. Eventually we all picked up and switched cabins to one closer to the location of the activities we would be participating in. No JESUS or Jesus curtains hanging in this cabin, just a big ol’ cross situated on top of the cabin itself. But this one was much closer to the outdoor chapel so don’t you worry, I had a nice view of the wooden cross whenever I needed to feel the power of Christ. Oh, and there was a big Bible on the shelf in each and every room. The best part, to me, was when I would go into the bathroom there was, posted on the mirror, a placard with a prayer to say while “using the gift of water.” I found this fascinating. Yes, I know water is a limited resource and we often take it for granted, but I’ve never thought to pray for it. Perhaps I will start.


If you’re reading this you may think I have a problem with Jesus and the truth is I do not. He was once a member of the same tribe I belong to–the Jews–so I definitely don’t hate on him. But as a Jew I simply felt odd being surrounded by crosses and the word Jesus everywhere possible. While the retreat had nothing to do with religion, I felt myself feeling awkward because of what surrounded me. I didn’t know what to make of it all so I pretty much just kept talking about it–constantly. That didn’t necessarily make me feel any better about the situation, but I guess it helped me to cope. I know I probably sound like an idiot, but how would you feel if you were put in a place for 24 hours with symbols and words representing a religion you do not practice or believe in?


When all was said and done I got a lot out of the 24 hours I spent on the retreat. I learned to not judge a person based solely on appearance and that everyone is equal. I also learned that despite what our ancestors may have struggled with, we, youth of the present, have been awarded with such incredible opportunities in life and should not take any of them for granted.



Must Hear!

29 Jun

Plain and simple, these are some tunes you definitely need to take a listen to. I don’t care what kind of music you like because as long as you like music, you’ll like these songs.

*Disclaimer: there’s not an actual guarantee that you will like these songs. The statement above is based on my own opinion and mass assumption.


So, without further interruption, here are FIVE songs that you MUST take a listen to, if you haven’t already! Check out the songs listed below–YouTube video/audio included for your convenience.


1. “Sail” by AWOLNATION

2. “Something To Die For” by The Sounds

3. “Whirring” by The Joy Formidable

4. “Helena Beat” by Foster The People

5. “Death of Communication” by Company of Thieves


So there you have it, folks. Take a listen, or don’t, and let me know what you think, or don’t. It’s your opportunity to miss out on!

The Only College Bucket List You’ll Ever Need

17 May

Hi everybody!

So recently I was pitched an idea by USA Today College to write a post for them, and here’s the end result! I was told it is going to be their featured article tomorrow, but it was published today, so I figured I’d share it with my loyal followers! That is, if I still have any left. Anyways, here’s the link! Just a brief background, I was asked to write a piece about the generic college bucket list–a list of things each student must do or see before graduating into the real world. I hope you all enjoy the final product!

The Only College Bucket List You’ll Ever Need!

Ode To The Indoor Kids

19 Sep

I don’t understand. If you have a problem with me, why don’t you just tell me? Instead of sharing it with people who may or may not exist, TELL THE REAL LIFE PERSON WHO IS SITTING NO MORE THAN 5 FEET AWAY FROM YOU! Not to mention, I have not done a single thing wrong except for care about your own well-being. What you do is not healthy. What you do is a little odd. Yes, what you do may be considered a hobby but it should not, under any circumstance, be considered a life-style. Of course I know a lot of people who blog, but they also live outside of their apartments and away from their keyboards. They shut their laptops to explore what the world has in store for them. Heck, I blog, but that doesn’t stop me from being a real person. Not to mention, there are people who know who I am that follow you in your webiverse, so even though you don’t use my name, people can figure it out pretty easily.

Also, learn to have a civilized conversation with people. For example, if I state my opinion, you are more than welcome to state yours. There is NO reason to get heated about something so minuscule and foolish. It just makes you look like a close-minded individual when you become an elitist for everything YOU do, preventing everything that everyone else does from seeping into your world.

You must think I can’t see your blog, so I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say you can’t see mine either. Get off the couch. Get into the sunlight. Stop talking about mystical creatures and most importantly, stop making passive aggressive comments about your roommates on a public forum in which EVERYONE, including me and your other roommate, can see. GOOD DAY SIR, I SAID GOOD DAY.

We only want what’s best for you, and we’re concerned for your health and well-being.



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