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The Last Day…Or Is It?

1 May

Don’t let the title fool you because yes, I’m definitely graduating, with flying colors I believe (I should check on that flag I ordered…) Today is officially my last day of classes as a college student and, let’s be honest, probably forever. But am I sad? No. Am I anxious? Not really. There are a few classes I’ve taken throughout my college career that I’d take forever, but I’d totally cool with the idea of never taking a college course again.

This may be my last day of classes, but it’s not the last time I’ll be on this campus, wear the color orange, attend an SU sporting event or see my friends. Today just marks the end of forking over $50,000/year and trekking up and down hills to distant academic buildings and slaving over studying for exams. So, in a sense, today is a pretty good day.

Graduation will just confirm everything I mentioned above, so over the next 2 weeks leading up to graduation, I hope to accomplish everything that’s left for me to do–pass my 2 final exams, hand in my 9-12 page paper on the scoring style of Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor.

That’s all for now!


Boob Toob

23 Mar

A good friend of mine recently got breast implants as an early graduation present/right of passage in her family (both her mother and grandmother have had the procedure done as well). Now, before this procedure I’d describe her boobs as “skinny nips.” If you don’t get what I mean by that, when she’d walk around at night with just a t-shirt and no bra before bed, it really just looked like she had a matchstick where each of her breasts were supposed to be. I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery, as long as you do it for the right reasons, so I am happy for her. Before she wasn’t confident about her body and would wear bras with intense amounts of padding. Somewhere there’s a mangled therapeutic mattress labeled “hunted for bra padding.” I’m not kidding. But Allie, how do you know she did it for the right reasons? Well, it’s simple. If she wanted to be a whore and just appear more attractive to men she would have upgraded from here barely-there A cup to an eye-poking D. Instead, she went from her matchsticks to a modest B cup. She’s proud of them, she’s comfortable with them–good for her! After winter break she threw together a little gathering at her apartment–it was a coming out party for her new friends…her boobs. I’m not sure why, but the party had a Breast Cancer awareness theme to it, considering there were Hershey Kisses wrapped in pink foil, Oreos with pink filling separated into halves and dotted with pink gel coloring to resemble boobs and pink crystal light mixed with vodka. It was an evening to celebrate the girls.

Today I ran into her on the quad. We chatted for a few, and then she told me whilst at a club over spring break she was let into the VIP section. She then paused, grabbed her boobs and said “they’re already paying for themselves!” And then I contradicted this entire blog post.


For serious, she’s a great person, a good friend and a whole lot of fun to be around. Not to mention she got a kick-ass, prestigious job for after graduation…she’s one of the few seniors I know that’s already employed. And for those of you who are perverts, she got the job BEFORE the implants–so get your minds out of the gutter!

Down By the (Job Market) Bay…

21 Feb

Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down to type a little type for you all to read. But, I’m back…not from outer space, but I see you still have that look upon your face.

I’ve been pretty busy with school work, running recruitment via my position on Panhellenic and other (not so) wonderful things before I graduate in May. Yup, just making the most of the last few months of my college career.

I’ve started applying to jobs, so that’s cool. Technically I should wait until March, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Why wait so long you ask? Well, for entertainment jobs usually employers are looking to fill positions to start immediately. So had I applied for a job in, let’s say January, they would have skipped right over my resume simply because I wouldn’t have been able to start for another 4-5 months. So, the journey has begun. If you know someone who’s “in the business” and they’re looking for a fabulous recent college graduate to do entry-level work, particularly as an assistant to a producer, writer, director, celebrity, desk, canine, etc–let them know I’m interested!

So call your distant aunts, uncles and cousins–THEN GET BACK TO ME!


Just kidding, but seriously…I need a job.

Hugs and no kisses because I don’t know who most of you are,


My Goals For Winter Break

16 Dec

See the following movies:

  1. The Descendants
  2. J. Edgar
  3. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo
  4. Young Adult
  5. and maybe New Years Eve, if I can find the time


  • My overall goal for this academic year is to graduate with a job, so over break I plan to get in touch with as many of my past internship employers to seek out career opportunities, and make connections with other various people in the entertainment industry. In other words, hire me!


  • This semester has been so incredibly hectic. I haven’t had even a few moments to sit down with a clear mind and just write. All of my works in progress still remain in progress. I hope to sit myself down at a Barnes and Noble somewhere and bang out a first draft of one of my pilots, or finish one of my spec scripts. Dare I start a feature? Blurg. I need to get inspired!

Have Fun

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had fun this semester, but I just need to lay back and have a good time while I’m home. I don’t want to think about school or any of the responsibilities that will come with it once I return in January.

Be funnier

  • I’m taking an improv class at the end of break–I hope it makes me less awkward and more tolerable. My ultimate goal is to no longer hear crickets after delivering the punchline.

See Friends

  • I have plenty of friends, I think, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be here forever if I just forget about them. Over break I hope to strengthen the friendships I’ve had since middle school and continue the ones I currently have from college. I don’t just want to be one of those “what happened to her” girls soon after I graduate. Friends are the foundation to happiness–amongst other things and feelings–and they make for great subjects to observe and go people watching with–I need to get my material from somewhere! But, I’m currently lucky to have a crazy family that gives me more than enough material, but hey, the more the merrier.

Syracuse–There’s No “I” In Orange

28 Nov

I wrote a post on Penn State, so it’s only fair that I write one for Syracuse as well…

Please note: this post is heavily based on my opinion. I have watched news coverage and read a few articles and I am also currently a student at the University in question. If I offend anyone I apologize, but I am an opinionated person. Once again, this is my opinion and by no means definitive, factual information. Then again, neither is the majority of anything the media has been saying about this situation either…

Being a current student at SU changes things a little bit. Well, no, it doesn’t. And that’s my point. Just because someone is a student of the University in question doesn’t mean they should act any differently considering the startling news and atrocious allegations. Let me start off by saying that people aren’t just picked at random to be accused of molesting children, or anyone for that matter. I am not saying that Bernie Fine is guilty, but I am saying that perhaps something did happen that was related to child molestation. Or maybe he is guilty, just not to the degree that the alleged victims have set forth for us and through the media. Or, maybe he’s just guilty and a disgusting individual. This is what I thought at first, but now that the voice recording of a phone conversation between Laurie Fine (Bernie’s wife) and Bobby Davis ( the first victim to come forward/the main victim so it seems) have been released, it’s a whole different ball game.

First off, to think that Bobby Davis and Laurie Fine were in cahoots is appalling. What’s even more appalling is that Laurie Fine seemed to know that her husband had been molesting a child/teenager and didn’t say a word to authorities. I understand that sometimes loyalty means more than anything in a relationship, just like how Anthony Weiner’s wife went back to him, but COME ON. This is child molestation for (apparently) over ten years! That’s absurd! So maybe he wasn’t apparently engaging in intercourse with little boys like Sandusky was at Penn State but molestation and sexual abuse is still molestation and sexual abuse at any level. Regardless, if I ever found out my husband was sexually molesting a child/teenager/anyone of any gender I would go to the police immediately, for revenge if nothing else. Think about it–if the allegations are true, Bernie Fine cheated on his wife with, possibly more than one, teenage boy. Sickening.

This evening SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor made the decision to fire Bernie Fine as the assistant coach of the men’s basketball team. As far as I’m concerned, it was the right move to make. Even if the allegations turn out to be false the man must have done something awful to have any allegations against him of this magnitude. Period.

I’m just hoping Jim Boeheim has been telling the truth and truly didn’t know anything about all of this hoopla that (allegedly) went down. To be honest, I had never heard of Bernie Fine before this whole fiasco surfaced. Call me a bad (rotten?) Orange fan, but Jim Boeheim is the face of Syracuse Basketball, so why should I know anyone else? Well, due to some incredibly unfortunate and disheartening events, I now know who Bernie Fine is.

But my main reason for writing this post to to let everyone know that while an individual can ruin something for everyone, one individual is by no means a whole representation. Bernie Fine was a part of Syracuse University, he was by no means the whole enchilada. And by that I mean University. Saying that his actions have made SU a terrible place is like saying that just because **one MLB player molested a child means the entire league is full of child molesters.** It’s not fair to say and that’s just not true. The same goes for Penn State. Yes, there is a lot more evidence against Sandusky to prove that he is guilty of all charges against him, but that doesn’t mean Penn State breeds molesters. One man’s decision should not change how an entire institution is viewed. Of course, thanks to the media, it does, but hopefully only temporarily. 

ESPN jumped the gun on this story and of course the rest of the media followed. Once one source reports, the flood gates open. Somewhere in China, a little boy is scared of Bernie Fine. But it should not be that way. Until FACTS are present the media should not be allowed to release any harmful information that can be considered defamatory. Yes, the new voice recordings certainly seem like grounds to make assumptions on but the question still remains: if these tapes have been around since the early 2000s then why the hell weren’t they brought to authorities sooner? I understand the statutes of limitation had expired because of the timeline but certainly this would have been vital information to bring forward to the University when they conducted their own investigation a few years ago. It just makes no sense. That’s why, despite the voice recorded conversation, something just doesn’t seem right.

I still believe that a boy who is molested from the time he is a teenager until the time he is a young man has the power and mindset to say “this is wrong. This shouldn’t be happening. I need to make this stop.” The fact that Bobby Davis was allegedly molested into his early twenties and he STILL did not do something to stop it makes it seem like it could have been consensual. And then this becomes an entirely different case. Once you’re 18–even 16–you usually know when you do or don’t like something, or if an old man rubbing your genitals is wrong. So why didn’t Davis speak up? There’s got to be something the media is (shockingly) missing or withholding from us. All I can truly say at this point is that something still doesn’t seem right–the facts just don’t add up.

Regardless, this is a time for students, faculty, alumni, friends and family of SU to stand by the University and support the alleged victims 100%. No matter what, SU has given us so much good in our lives that we will look back and only remember what we learned in whatever classes we took, how many overtimes that Big East Tournament game went into and which dining hall had the best food–not that the assistant men’s  basketball coach allegedly molested children and got fired.

There is no “I” in Orange. 

**This is of course a hypothetical statement/situation. A random, false example.

Penn State

10 Nov

I get Joe Paterno being fired was horrible for the friends, families and students of PSU.

I get thinking you’re now going to lose more games sucks.

But what you don’t get is that one of Joe Pa’s staff members molested and even raped minors. And when it comes to rape or sexual harassment or molestation cases, it’s time to get serious and things such as sports get pushed aside. When you strip down all of the chaos surrounding this situation—the firing of Joe Paterno, students rioting in the streets and flipping over news vehicles—you get a very simple case of witholding information that should have been shared with authorities. Something should have been done. Something should have been said, and Sandusky should have been stopped or fired a long time ago.

Joe Paterno will forever be remembered for all that he has done for Penn State University, but he was punished for what he didn’t do, and that’s act upon the startling news he heard about Sandusky and those poor, poor little boys.

On another note, PSU students are angry that their school’s reputation is now tarnished because of this scandal. Well, that’s simply not true. Joe Paterno, his coaching staff and most of all Sandusky are the ones who now have a tarnished reputation. It’s the students’ decision to actively riot in the streets, flip off news cameras, scream obscenities and make a mockery out of themselves that has now tarnished the reputation of Penn State University. The behavior of the student body was absolutely disgusting. This was definitely a situation to be upset and angry about but there are much better ways to express your feelings than to riot in the streets.

Check out Occupy Wall Street. Maybe PSU students should’ve invested in some tents.


Please note this is my opinion, something everyone is entitled to.

Hate Is A Strong Word

6 Oct

There are tons of people in this world that I dislike, no doubt, but there are very few that I truly, TRULY hate. This past week has separated the two for me and those who I hate have risen to the top in a major way. Stupidity is something I absolutely cannot stand. That’s not to say I’m not stupid every now and again, but I’m talking about people with a constant disregard for their brain. Specifically people who have no idea what it means to take responsibility for their own actions.

If you get drunk and pass out–your fault. You chose to drink. You can say all you want that someone else “made you do it” but unless they tied you up and forced it down your throat, it was ultimately YOUR decision to do so. If you have a medical condition or are taking a medication that does not mix well with alcohol or other drugs, it is YOUR responsibility to know that and NOT to mix it with your current condition. You obviously know you have the condition when you go around telling everyone about it so don’t you dare try and make it seem like this was something that just happens. Also, if you drink to the point of unconsciousness and your eyes are rolling back, don’t expect people to just stand there and watch until you fall over and crack your head open. Just because you suck doesn’t mean people around you suck as well. So clearly if a bystander believes medical professionals need to step in then they, the people who are stone-cold sober and completely capable of making a decision, have the right to call 911. You should THANK them for doing so. Even if you got into trouble because, once again, YOU made the decision to drink underage to the point where you fall into and lie down in the middle of the street. Regardless, it happened. Had you not gone to the hospital, what would have happened? No one knows for sure but what COULD have happened was death or an alcohol induced coma. And that would have been a whole hell of a lot worse than getting written up by the University. So quit playing victim and start realizing that you have a laundry list of people to thank instead of trying to get those who helped you out into trouble.


Then there’s the type of person who decides to stand around and do nothing. Oh, I’m sorry, by “do nothing” I mean “stand there and yell at a drunk person, slapping them across the face, because they drank so much with an absolute disregard for the fact that the person you are yelling at is currently incapable at responding and receiving your message.” Way to kick a girl while she’s down. Then you’re going to talk back to police officers? Girl, you’re stupid.


That’s the kind of stupid I’m talking about.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, something did happen that triggered this and it’s just ridiculous. Be responsible for yourself because it sucks when other people have to step up and be responsible for you.



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