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The Life of an Intern

24 May

This haiku was inspired by my first day as an intern at a major company in the city…

Here is your new desk

Is there anything to do?

Sit at your new desk

As my summer internship progresses I’m sure there will be plenty of stories and haikus that unfold with it. In due time my friends, in due time.


Liquid Haiku

8 Mar

Sharp, delicate edge

Pierce the pouch or pierce my heart

Death by Capri Sun

A Multicultural Guest?

25 Nov

Pocket sized Mexican?

So, where does your friend hail from?

Um, Puerto Rico


10 Nov

Split Pea soup for lunch

Brand new sneakers on my feet

That’s vomit, not soup

Insignificance–A Haiku

3 Nov


Why is your bathrobe backwards?

It’s my new Snuggie.

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