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Hate Is A Strong Word

6 Oct

There are tons of people in this world that I dislike, no doubt, but there are very few that I truly, TRULY hate. This past week has separated the two for me and those who I hate have risen to the top in a major way. Stupidity is something I absolutely cannot stand. That’s not to say I’m not stupid every now and again, but I’m talking about people with a constant disregard for their brain. Specifically people who have no idea what it means to take responsibility for their own actions.

If you get drunk and pass out–your fault. You chose to drink. You can say all you want that someone else “made you do it” but unless they tied you up and forced it down your throat, it was ultimately YOUR decision to do so. If you have a medical condition or are taking a medication that does not mix well with alcohol or other drugs, it is YOUR responsibility to know that and NOT to mix it with your current condition. You obviously know you have the condition when you go around telling everyone about it so don’t you dare try and make it seem like this was something that just happens. Also, if you drink to the point of unconsciousness and your eyes are rolling back, don’t expect people to just stand there and watch until you fall over and crack your head open. Just because you suck doesn’t mean people around you suck as well. So clearly if a bystander believes medical professionals need to step in then they, the people who are stone-cold sober and completely capable of making a decision, have the right to call 911. You should THANK them for doing so. Even if you got into trouble because, once again, YOU made the decision to drink underage to the point where you fall into and lie down in the middle of the street. Regardless, it happened. Had you not gone to the hospital, what would have happened? No one knows for sure but what COULD have happened was death or an alcohol induced coma. And that would have been a whole hell of a lot worse than getting written up by the University. So quit playing victim and start realizing that you have a laundry list of people to thank instead of trying to get those who helped you out into trouble.


Then there’s the type of person who decides to stand around and do nothing. Oh, I’m sorry, by “do nothing” I mean “stand there and yell at a drunk person, slapping them across the face, because they drank so much with an absolute disregard for the fact that the person you are yelling at is currently incapable at responding and receiving your message.” Way to kick a girl while she’s down. Then you’re going to talk back to police officers? Girl, you’re stupid.


That’s the kind of stupid I’m talking about.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, something did happen that triggered this and it’s just ridiculous. Be responsible for yourself because it sucks when other people have to step up and be responsible for you.




(Where’s the)Spirit Air

27 Dec

Being an opinionated person, I have decided that every time I realize I hate something, I am going to award it the title of “The Worst_____.” This can mean anything from the worst restaurant to the worst brand of sneakers. Today, I am going to share with you an experience that resulted in me discovering THE WORST airline. Please remember this is all my opinion, but trust me, this airline SUCKS!

SPIRIT AIRLINES: I remember a few years back there was an airline by the name of Trans World Airlines, TWA for short. It was a running joke that the TWA  really stood for “The Worst Airline” which is probably a contributing factor to them closing their flight decks one last time and going out of business. I assumed they went bankrupt or something along the lines of that, but in actuality, it was because they could no longer compete with the new sheriff of shitty airlines in town—Spirit Airlines.

I had neither flown nor heard of Spirit before this year when my mom booked us on a flight down to Florida. For a flight the day after Christmas, all airlines wanted an arm and a leg, so my mom chose the cheaper Spirit Airlines, which only asked for some money…and my dignity.

I was skeptical about the airline from the very start. Yes, the roundtrip flights for the two of us came out to about $400 less overall than other airlines, but then they got us with all of their unnecessary fees. First let me say that (the) Spirit (of Halloween) Airlines prides themselves to be an airline in which you only have to pay for the amenities that you want. This sounded quite auspicious to me as I thought we’d be able to choose if we wanted to pay for a movie, upgraded meals or more leg room. Instead, the amenities they were referring to ended up being standard procedures/complimentary on every single other airline. You see, according to them, these amenities are: checking baggage, carrying on anything more than just one personal item, bigger seats and drinks…EVEN BOTTLED WATER. My mom got a hot tea…that’s hot water, a tea bag and a packet of Splenda= *$2. God forbid she wanted fresh lemon, that probably would have cost her an extra buck fifty, but luckily she carries around her own packets of lemon juice in her purse…perfectly normal. As I was saying, to check a bag-$26, to have a carry-on aside from ONE personal item-$30, sodas-$3, for a bigger seat-$75. The BEST part is that you have to pay for the flight and THEN you have to pay for a seat! I asked if you could just pay for the flight and stand the entire time, but of course this would be dangerous and against the law so the answer was “no.” Thus, in what world does that policy make any sense? Maybe Nebula or the Starship Enterprise, but definitely not America…probably not even Abu Dhabi.

Then we got on the plane. Leather seats…stained and most likely unsanitary. There was a black, oily looking substance lining the top of my headrest which I forced myself to ignore, and there wasn’t even enough room in front of the seats to fit a laptop. No televisions in headrests or suspended from the ceiling, aisles so thin even the Olsen twins would have to turn sideways to walk down them. It sucked…just shitty.

To give you an idea of just how awful this airline is, here’s a personal anecdote that unfolded just this morning. As you may or may not know, New York (my place of origin) is expected to get several inches of snow yesterday beginning in the early morning or afternoon. So naturally, in NY style, everyone rushed to change their flights to the earliest available which means overcrowding and overbooking which Spirit is first-rate at! It ended up that Spirit needed to make room for two customers, so they asked for two volunteers to give up their seats and in exchange for their kindness, they would receive $400 CASH each, 2 round trip tickets to ANYWHERE Spirit flies and a guaranteed seat on the next flight to Florida. They found their volunteers but once we were on the plane they had a late-comer who needed to make a cruise so she HAD to get on our flight. He offered the SAME deal to us, needing only one customer this time. No one raised their hands. Then he told us he’d be able to get that person on the next JetBlue flight out to Florida—at least 10 people raised their hand this time. Spirit Airlines is, and always should be, a last resort. Unless of course all the other airlines want $1,000 each way and Spirit is offering $5 flights. Otherwise, under no circumstance should you fly Spirit Airlines. What a displeasure.

My question is, where do they get off charging someone for a cup of luke warm water the size of a baby’s fist? Every single other airline, whether they charge for baggage or not, is kind enough to give out complimentary beverages other than alcohol. JetBlue even gives out snacks—GREAT snacks! Spirit was charging $4 for a bag of Combos. I’m truly surprised there wasn’t a coin slot next to the air vents above our seats. Same goes for a coin slot outside the bathroom…but then my mom told me that would be illegal.

* Of course this fee was not paid for because my mother complained the water wasn’t hot enough, so we just paid the $3 for my can of Coke Zero instead.

Her Wires Must Be Crossed

13 Apr

It has become apparent to me that as long as men and women exist, stupid men and women will exist as well. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do about this awful epidemic, except for us smart and level headed people to smash our heads against a wall. Why is this the only solution, you ask? Well, it’s simple, if someone is just naturally stupid, there is nothing anyone can say or do to change them. Education? Their brains are like Brillo pads–new information kind of just sits there and doesn’t really sink in like smart people’s “sponge-like brains”, so no, education does not work. Retaliation? If they know something is wrong and/or pisses someone else off, they will just continue to do it considering their “good” and “bad” wires are crossed.

What is it that makes people stupid? Incompetence? Poor listening skills? Or just the ability to block everyone out that isn’t themselves? I think it’s all of the above, along with the inability to recognize or care about how others feel about certain situations and an EXTREME disregard for rules and regulations. For instance–smoking is not allowed in ANY public building in New York State…stupid people smoke indoors in New York State, smart people take it outside. Stupid people, when approached about smoking indoors, claim they didn’t know it wasn’t allowed, smart people take it outside.

When a stupid person says “I didn’t know” they 110% DID know, they just like pushing buttons to see how far they can get before someone enrolls them into a special education course…in jail. Seriously–if you’re under 21, anywhere in the United States, it is illegal to drink alcohol. If you are a person living in the US, no matter what your age, you can’t walk around with an open, visible container of alcohol. But, if you’re stupid, you’re 20 and walk around with an open container on a college campus.

It’s sad, but undoubtably true that stupid people will just continue on a downward spiral towards the land of cheap beer, chain smoking and cutting coupons.

I hate stupid people. Also, if you read this, and think this post is about you, you’re wrong–it isn’t.

You’re also stupid enough to believe that last statement.

I’m A Ditk and I don’t care.

Stoopid Peeple

8 Sep

What exactly constitutes a person as “stupid”? Well, I don’t think Webster’s has come up with a definition, but in my mind, a stupid person is one that is just completely out of touch with the world they live in. For instance, if you know who Britney Spears is, but can’t identify the current President of the United States–you’re probably stupid, or an infant, which is the only exception to not knowing this vital piece of information. You may also just be a reality television star, but this is definitely not a valid excuse by any means. If you walk around a building with signs clearly marking the location of various rooms and departments, yet you still have to ask “where’s room 100?” or “where is the nearest staircase”, when you’re standing directly next to whatever you’re looking for, then you may be stupid. Now, I understand people slip up every now and then and commit what I like to call “stupid crimes”, but if you find yourself to be a repeat offender, and never know where you are or where you’re going, well, then you may just be stupid. But if you have a slip up like once or twice a month, even only once a week, well, everyone is entitled to make a mistake on occasion–just make sure you don’t abuse the privilege. No disrespect intended, of course.

I love people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, colors, religions, etc., but if you’re just an utter idiot, do yourself a favor and open your eyes a little wider, think more freely, read a book (or even a newspaper), and jump into a body of water you’re not yet familiar with so you can become accustom to ways that will rid you of your stupid ones.

I love all creatures.

This rant is brought to you by the biggest Ditk I know…myself.

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