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To The Guy Who Sold Me Fake Blink 182 Tickets…

12 Sep
Who I didn't get to see last night...

Who I didn’t get to see last night…

I met you in Union Square where you sold me what I now know are fake Blink 182 tickets. I don’t know why you do what you do, I don’t know why you did what you did but I just cannot understand it. Does it make you feel good, taking people’s money like that? Of course it does. It mustOtherwise, why would you keep doing it. I doubt anyone has a gun to your head, but if they do–duck and run!

I should have known the tickets were fake. I got a burning feeling in the pit of my stomach immediately after I bought them from you that they were. They didn’t feel quite right. They were on the thick side and somewhat glossy. The ink looked a little too bold and prevalent on the backdrop of the ticket. They were fake, but it was too late so I just told myself I was being paranoid. You had already disappeared into the crowd of street performers, coffee-drinkers and commuters. I was stuck with those tickets.

You said you were a fan. You said you wish you could go but work got in the way. I believed you because I didn’t have any reason not to.

So I showed up to the venue in Brooklyn. Nervous, but incredibly excited. My favorite band was playing and I couldn’t wait to see them go on. I passed through security and waited in a small line. The girls in front of me got turned away because their tickets wouldn’t scan. Their tickets were fake. At that moment it felt like my entire body was on fire. The burning sensation had spread and I couldn’t handle it. For at that moment my fears became a reality and I learned that people like you actually exist. Finally, it was my turn–my tickets didn’t scan. The tickets you sold to my friend and I were fake. But you knew that. You knew I would travel all the way to Brooklyn by way of the L train which I had made it my life mission never to take, but for Blink 182 it was worth it. But this would end up being for nothing but disappointment and tears. Yes, I cried. YOU made me cry.

I didn’t get to see them play any of my favorite songs–like “Stay Together for the Kids” a song about divorce which I relate to tenfold. Or “Dammit” or “Carousel” or “Man Overboard” or ANYTHING. Instead I was stuck listening to “Adam’s Song” alone in my room and any Blink fan knows how depressing that can be.

It’s not about the money. You robbed me of an experience that I will never get back.

People go to concerts for the experience–they want to feel the music they’ve listened to so many times through their headphones and car stereos. They want to see it, hear it, feel it, live it. I wanted all of that too. Yes, I’ve seen Blink 182 live several times but this show was special. It was a charity show, which makes what you did all the more disgraceful. But it wasn’t just me, it was DOZENS of fans. Dozens of people who just wanted to escape for a few hours. The bouncer told me he counted at least 50, and from the description another girl gave me of the guy who sold her fake tickets, it was you. You and a friend or a group of guys setting out to just make some money.

Sure, maybe this was my fault for not examining the tickets closer but I just never thought that this would happen. I have too much faith in humanity sometimes and my excitement for having found someone to sell me their tickets clouded my judgement. I should have known. I should have known…

I should have realized that after I was stood up two times by who I believe to be two different people I arranged to meet to buy tickets from that I wasn’t meant to go to this concert. But I wanted to so badly. Third time’s a charm, right? You were the third, so I guess that saying doesn’t always apply…

But this isn’t my fault. It’s yours. You knew I was excited to see them–otherwise why would I have sought you out? You took advantage of me. Yes, it could have been worse and you could have written the script for The Craigslist Killer Part Two, but you didn’t. So, thank you for that. But I’m still upset with you.

I’m not angry, I’m just upset. I am hurt, and I don’t even know you. You did seem like a nice guy, but I suppose that’s how con artists are, right? And don’t think for a second that’s not what you are because that is what you are.  I found myself wondering last night if your parents know what you do. Do they know when you say you’re “going to work” that it means you’re just in a basement somewhere putzing around with paper and ink, gearing up for your next fake-out? Does your mother know?

Blink 182 will come around to New York again sometime soon I’m sure and you’ll get down to business making your fake tickets again–but I hope you don’t. I hope you stop. You cheated over 50 people this week. FIFTY. Isn’t that enough? I couldn’t sleep last night knowing I had been cheated–could you sleep knowing you were the cheater

I know you’ll never see this letter and I know this letter won’t accomplish anything except for helping me get my feelings out in the open and somewhere other than my mind. I know you’ll keep manufacturing and selling fake tickets. I know you’ll spend the money in a way that makes you happy. I just hope that maybe, just maybe, some of that money you made by ripping off 50+ people will go towards something good. Maybe a charity–maybe a few dollars in a homeless man’s change cup. I must restore the same faith I had in humanity that led me to thinking no one would ever make and sell me, or anyone for that matter, a fake ticket and apply it to this scenario. I must hope that the money isn’t going towards something negative, even though it sort of already has. Wherever you are, I hope you’re happy because in the end, everyone deserves happiness, but just know that in this scenario your happiness comes at the expense of others.

Time will pass and we’ll both forget about this. It’s a new day. I’m still upset but I feel better now. I’m sure you don’t care, but I just want you to know that just because you have my money doesn’t mean you’ve won. You’ll lose at some point and maybe then you’ll finally realize what you’ve done–what you’ve been doing–is wrong.

Thanks to you, I couldn’t be that girl anyone fell in love with at the rock show last night…


An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

20 May
via Getty Images

via Getty Images

Dear Justin,

First off let me say that I enjoy your music. It’s fun, catchy and your story, however redundant it gets, is inspiring. I can even deal with your diaper-like pants but what I cannot stand are your fans.

I’m not discounting their devotion, because it’s definitely top-notch, but they’re a little over the top in the sense that they would KILL someone if that person said something negative about you. This simply is not right.

Last night I was watching the Billboard Music Awards. An hour or so before you were booed while on stage, you performed a song I’ve never heard. It wasn’t a bad song, but I noticed that you were lip syncing. Even if it wasn’t a full lip sync and you were using a backtrack to help pick up where you may have lacked in your vocals, it looked like you were lip syncing.  I understand artists do this literally all of the time, which is disappointing, but regardless of that, I tweeted about what I believed I saw.


A harmless observation and request

Literally seconds later I received a tweet in response…


**Please note that I have blued-out the username of the girl who tweeted at me last night because this is regarding your entire fan base, she now, unfortunately, serves as the poster child for all of them.**

Now, I don’t think this is an appropriate response. Maybe I’m wrong or just naive but does tweeting that you lip synced during your performance make me a slut? Last time I checked I didn’t sleep with the founder of Twitter to send out that tweet, nor did I sleep with anyone who gave me inside information about your performance and even if I had slept with ONE person that by no means makes me a slut. Not only is calling someone a slut a form of bullying, but calling someone a slut who you don’t even know is a form of ignorance, and just cruel. Let me be clear–this didn’t anger or upset me, but had she said this to someone else, it could have drastically upset them. Luckily, she got herself into a tiff with someone who happens to have a wild sense of humor–yes, I’m talking about myself.

The conversation didn’t stop there…


Are you alarmed yet? Have you noticed that this young fan is ONLY 11 YEARS OLD? This became an entirely different conversation once I found out she’s 11. Setting aside that she’s a crazy fan, her language is atrocious for someone her age. Are they learning slang for the male genitalia that early? What’s happening? I know you don’t curse in your songs so perhaps this isn’t your fault, but to what level do you brainwash your fans to get them to pull out all the stops when it comes to defending your honor? It’s not like I even said “Justin sucks!” or anything of that nature. I made a claim, I stand behind it 100%, and this is what I get? From someone not even following me? From someone HALF my age? I attempted to change the tone of the conversation:


She actually admitted to taking you more seriously than school. I don’t care if you’re famous, rich, poor, performing on the street or performing in a sold out arena–education is important. Even you should know this. I saw that documentary of yours, I know you have a teacher who teaches you on the road. What’s going on here?

As you probably have heard, bullying is an epidemic. Thousands of kids and even adults are affected daily and several instances have unfortunately resulted in death, often by suicide. You teach your fans to believe, never say never and that if you were their boyfriend, you’d never let them go. Don’t you teach your fans not to bully, too? Well, that’s exactly what they do. And I bet once I tweet the link to this letter some girl who sits and stares at her phone all day, refreshing the Justin Bieber search she has permanently glued to her Twitter account will read the letter, try to define a bunch of the larger and above grade level words in it and then send me a poorly worded attack that calls me something I’m not just because I chose to speak my mind in an incredibly mild manner. Justin, I’m not expecting your fans to stop piercing eardrums with their high-pitched screams, I’m not asking you to stop making music, heck, I’m not even going to ask you to stop wearing leather drop-crotch pants because that’s your choice and doesn’t really affect others too negatively, but I will ask that you please try and control your fans to some degree. The girl who fired back at me over and over via Twitter last night actually said that she takes you more seriously than school! Like, that actually happened! Is that what you want? To have an army if uneducated and delinquent fans? Lets be honest, it’s only a matter of time before you get arrested for God knows what but until then, lead by example. Pull up your pants and teach tolerance, love and acceptance.

I’m not saying the way your fans act is your fault but they idolize you–so maybe you should take that as an opportunity to teach them to be better people, to not bully others and to not spread hate for no apparent reason. Teach them that you can fight your own battles, haters and speeding tickets. I know you’ve never asked them to help you fight a speeding ticket but explain to them that these are your battles. Not theirs. You say it should be about the music, well, encouraging them to buy your records is fine, but you need to encourage them not to be rude or disrespectful just because someone doesn’t share the same taste in music as them.

Whether you were lip syncing or not, I’m not a slut. Even if I was a slut, it would have nothing to do with you having lip synced. Your fans are so ruthless and willing to do literally anything for you that I’m worried they’re going to keep the bullying epidemic going and eventually something terrible could happen.
Please do something about this. Go on Ellen if you have too. It doesn’t matter where, but it matters when–and that time is now. You were booed on stage last night. You won that award because your fans are relentless, but clearly those who were present, people who aren’t necessarily in your fan wheelhouse, didn’t think you deserved it and also thought you were wearing too much leather and acted way too cocky with your leather and aviators. Slow down, Bieber, and control your fans–otherwise you’re going to spiral out of control and find yourself composing jingles for a Canadian restaurant chain.

Must Hear!

29 Jun

Plain and simple, these are some tunes you definitely need to take a listen to. I don’t care what kind of music you like because as long as you like music, you’ll like these songs.

*Disclaimer: there’s not an actual guarantee that you will like these songs. The statement above is based on my own opinion and mass assumption.


So, without further interruption, here are FIVE songs that you MUST take a listen to, if you haven’t already! Check out the songs listed below–YouTube video/audio included for your convenience.


1. “Sail” by AWOLNATION

2. “Something To Die For” by The Sounds

3. “Whirring” by The Joy Formidable

4. “Helena Beat” by Foster The People

5. “Death of Communication” by Company of Thieves


So there you have it, folks. Take a listen, or don’t, and let me know what you think, or don’t. It’s your opportunity to miss out on!

Lighters 2.0

30 Nov

At a big concert

Glowing sea of lights below

Put your phones away

There’s a Shewolf…

28 Aug

I don’t  get it.

I don’t understand it.

I don’t approve of it.

But boy, do I love it.

Shakira’s new single, Shewolf, is tacky, and maybe too original, but the beat, creepy underlying tones and her little “aawoooo” in the chorus are just too catchy to toss away. This song is officially my new guilty pleasure.

I let my shewolf out of the closet, whatever that means…have you?

Miley & Me.

10 Jul

     I don’t know what it is about Miley Cyrus, but I just can’t get enough. I understand that I am way too old to be enjoying her and her music, but let’s face it…I LOVE her and her music. It’s ridiculous sometimes, and everyone and their mother, including my own mother, makes fun of me for it, but what can I say? her music is fun, youthful, and ever-so-catchy! You can dance to it, you can sway to it, you can cry to it, and God knows I can lip-sync to it. If you can get past the fact that she’s a pop-star, and a mere 16 years young, and listen up to her lyrics, she’s actually sending out some pretty good messages in her music. She may not write all her songs, but she can sing, and boy oh boy can she sing. I wonder if her father’s heart is achey-breaky-broken now that he knows his daughter is a million times more successful at age 16 than he ever was as a one-hit-wonder. Yeah, there’s all of this drama surrounding her, but that comes with being a celebrity, it’s pretty much just jealousy, because even Jon and Kate are being gossiped about, and they are just a family!…that happens to have a freakishly large amount of kids, but that’s besides the point. Regardless, Miley Cyrus is a gem who has a lot of talent in bot the acting and performing departments. Her music, movies, television show, anything she touches turns to gold! With the exception of her ex-Justin Gaston…he’s pretty great looking, except he seems like a major D-Bag. Oh well! That’s why his new first name is EX!Miley Cyrus In The FleshThe Best Movie EVER

     I went to see Miley perform as a part of Z100’s Zootopia like last year, and I know it’s sad, but I nearly had a panic attack when she came out onto stage because I was in the same room as her–and about 30,000 other individuals. We may have been several yards apart, but I felt the connection–she was singing to me because I totally know we’d make the bestest best friends everrrr! Hip-hip-hooray for Miley.

      I will be seeing her in concert this November and I can barely contain myself. I plan on standing by the stage door after the concert is through with hopes of meeting the princess of pop herself. If I can get a picture with her, I would absolutely just drop dead from happiness…right then and there…which may be awkward for her, but whatever, at least I would have met her! And if I do meet her, and manage not to drop dead, well then I will be taking the picture of us and transferring it onto t-shirts and mugs to hand out to people. If it ever happens, maybe I’ll sell them on this blog, who knows? All I know is Miley & Me are destined to be best friends! and Miley & Me has a certain ring to it…probably because of the novel Marley & Me, that was also made into a motion picture…no, that can’t be it.

     For all of you people out there who are still hesitant about diving into the Miley Cyrus pool of greatness, take it slow, test the water with your toes first…I recommend these songs:

  • See You Again
  • Dream
  • Right Here
  • Start All Over
  • G.N.O- Girl’s Night Out
  • The Climb
  • Full Circle
  • Simple Song

If those songs don’t get you into the Miley groove, then you need to seek medical help, because you may be dead…or have a busted ear drum.


Best Wishes! “Wake up America”!

He has a big what, Beyonce?

9 Jul

Give it up B, your song Ego is clearly about the size of Jay-Z’s little rapper. Kudos on the coverup by using the most egotistical rapper in the remix, Kanye West, you’re truly original. It’s too strong? It won’t fit? Really? Try KY.

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