Penn State

10 Nov

I get Joe Paterno being fired was horrible for the friends, families and students of PSU.

I get thinking you’re now going to lose more games sucks.

But what you don’t get is that one of Joe Pa’s staff members molested and even raped minors. And when it comes to rape or sexual harassment or molestation cases, it’s time to get serious and things such as sports get pushed aside. When you strip down all of the chaos surrounding this situation—the firing of Joe Paterno, students rioting in the streets and flipping over news vehicles—you get a very simple case of witholding information that should have been shared with authorities. Something should have been done. Something should have been said, and Sandusky should have been stopped or fired a long time ago.

Joe Paterno will forever be remembered for all that he has done for Penn State University, but he was punished for what he didn’t do, and that’s act upon the startling news he heard about Sandusky and those poor, poor little boys.

On another note, PSU students are angry that their school’s reputation is now tarnished because of this scandal. Well, that’s simply not true. Joe Paterno, his coaching staff and most of all Sandusky are the ones who now have a tarnished reputation. It’s the students’ decision to actively riot in the streets, flip off news cameras, scream obscenities and make a mockery out of themselves that has now tarnished the reputation of Penn State University. The behavior of the student body was absolutely disgusting. This was definitely a situation to be upset and angry about but there are much better ways to express your feelings than to riot in the streets.

Check out Occupy Wall Street. Maybe PSU students should’ve invested in some tents.


Please note this is my opinion, something everyone is entitled to.


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