Wet Hot American Summer Prequel in the Works?

29 Jun

Could it be true? According to an article on the Huffington Post website, there has been a lot of talk recently surrounding the cult classic, and one of my personal favorite films, Wet Hot American Summer. For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s funny, smart and has a cavalcade of now big name actors such as Michael Ian Black, Molly Shannon, Amy Poeheler, Bradley Cooper and more! It revolves around the last day of sleep away camp and focuses on the counselors and some special campers. It’s fun, quirky, original, hilarious and chock full of memorable and quotable lines. If you’ve ever attended camp of any kind, this is definitely a must-see. It may seem outlandish, crazy and even far fetched but it’s based around truth–some of these weird things really do happen at camp. Even if you haven’t gone to camp, this film will still tickle your funny bone’s fancy–I promise.

A prequel would be an excellent idea for many reasons:

1. It’s a film that didn’t get a lot of hype at first, but since being released in 2001 has become an instant cult classic, thus the audience who would go out and see a prequel or sequel has grown significantly. Basically, this will be a box office hit, especially if it’s anything like the first one.

2. Director David Wain has said that the same actors would be returning and still depict 16/17 year old counselors from that same summer despite many of them now being in their late 30s and early 40s–a hilarious juxtaposition of age.

3. If the original cast is used, people will go see the film solely because of that. Some of WHAS’s characters are now HUGE stars with and even bigger fan-base. I’m sure that a Bradley Cooper fan who hasn’t even heard of the first film will see this based on him being in it.

Overall–smart move! I know I would be absolutely elated if a prequel were to be released, and I’d make everyone I know see it as well–seeing as I already make everyone I know watch WHAS on DVD. Watch the official trailer below and see for yourself! Then go rent the film…or buy it…or it’s available on instant-watch via Netflix.


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