MahJongg Wednesdays

9 Jun

So it’s official–I have retired, but only temporarily, of course. Also, only on Wednesdays. You see, this summer I will be partaking in a MahJongg game night every Wednesday night with my grandmother and 3-4 of her friends. Last night was our first game and let’s just say it was quite interesting. The way these women kvetch leaves me schvitzing and kvelling. Oy vey. Last night served as a refresher for some of the ladies as they haven’t played in a while, but my grandma is a pro. She’s been playing forever, has gone on MahJongg cruises for years AND she was once asked to help create the official MahJongg hand card one year. She won the first three games last night, but, I won the last two! Too bad we weren’t playing for money because my hands would have won me a whopping $00.50. Yes, 50 cents.


More to come on this weekly gathering…unless the ladies decide it won’t work, in which case I will blame myself because they’re intimidated by my youth.


One Response to “MahJongg Wednesdays”

  1. Adam Britten June 9, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

    Glad to see you blogging this summer.

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