My Grandma

3 Jun

This summer I am interning in NYC, so instead of commuting every morning I am living with my grandmother in Manhattan. I did this last summer as well and though it is sometimes a pain having a 80 year old roommate, I love my grandmother and she is quite the fun and quirky individual to chat, dine and live with 5 days a week. Just last night we were sharing a dinner while watching Access Hollywood when a story about Fran Drescher came up. My grandmother then informed me that two years ago she went on a blind date with Mr. Drescher, Fran’s father. I suppose having a famous daughter wasn’t good enough for her. The two of us then took a trip down to the gym in the bowels of her apartment building and I must say it is a lovely gym. There’s brand new machines/equipment, individual televisions, free-weights, machine-weights, exercise balls, steps–the works! I took a seat on the bike and watched a repeat of Glee for a half hour while she tried to figure out how the treadmill works. I heard a lot of beeping. After a few minutes she began to inspect every machine and piece of equipment in the room. I went on to do some weights and gave her my headphones so that she could watch Glee.

My grandmother asked me if I would be interested in playing Mah Jong with her and some of her friends one night a week. Of course I said yes. Gosh, I’m maturing so fast!


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