What Happens When…

26 Jan

Suspicious packages have been a fear since, well, always, but in recent years they have become a major threat.

Sororities have always been full of lots of girls on the brink of womanhood who tend to be melodramatic.

So what happens when these two are combined? Well, I’ll tell you what happens, because it happened last night.


It was a night like any other–my sisters and I were crowded around a small coffee table cutting out arrow-shaped name tags in preparation for recruitment this coming weekend when our president got up from the table. Moments later I heard a lot of commotion coming from the foyer, so naturally I had to see what was going on. As it turns out, there was a package sitting by the front door addressed to a very difficult to pronounce name and an address that was about 5 blocks out of the way. The package stood out from the rest because of this, but also because it was wrapped completely in white paper and then again in clear packing tape–first red flag. The return address label was a weird address, but it was clearly not from this country. We later realized it was Israel. I told the president that suspicious packages have been being delivered to places of Jewish worship over the past year or so sporadically and our house just so happena to be down the block from the campus Hillel center.  This of course freaked her out so now the president stood, holding the package next to another sister and they carefully tried to guess why this package was delivered to our house. My sister said “don’t touch it!” to the president, and then the president went on to shake the package because why wouldn’t you shake a suspicious package from Israel?

After nothing happened, they continued to survey the package. They noticed there was no U.S postage, and so the president decided to call the campus department of public safety (DPS) just to take the proper safety measures. The dispatcher told her to call 911 right away, so she did. Moments later, an officer came to our door to inspect the package. He asked the president some questions, and then he called in the K-9 unit. Soon enough, an adorable German Sheapard was in our house sniffing around like a good little doggy! He was so cute, but that’s besides the point. The dog found nothing unusual so the officer decided to look up and call the boy who the package was addressed to. He got in touch with him and returned to our door to tell us that they boy was indeed expecting a package from Israel and that it is a part to his hookah pipe. The officer took the package and returned it to its rightful owner.


The end.


One Response to “What Happens When…”

  1. president January 26, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    thanks for making me look like an idiot

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