3 Jan

So it seems as if I’m not a true blogger unless I write a post about the new year, but what in the world do I even write about? Do I mention all of the good things of 2010? Or all of the bad things I’m glad to say “good riddance” to? Perhaps I’ll write that cliche post that lays out all of my new year’s resolutions that I’ll just copy and paste for 2012 because we all know resolutions are just recycled and rarely kept. Or maybe I will write about my predictions for the new year in all different aspects such as technology, world events, sports teams and Joan Rivers’ face. But I consider myself to be a different kind of blogger…I like to stir the pot as opposed to just melting in it. So I have decided I will do something no one has ever done before in a new year’s blog post…I just haven’t thought of what that is yet…oh well.


Just kidding, kinda. I don’t want to keep you hanging too long, so I guess I’ll just list some of the things I hope to NOT see in 2011:

Spirit Airlines

An empty bank account

Terrorist Attacks

Gum that tastes like pies, cakes and muffins

That Scion car that looks like a cube, or is that a Nissan car that’s called the Cube? Either way, no boxes on wheels (except for the Mercedes G wagon which is one of the things I hope to see…in my driveway)

Christina Aguilera act


The Yankees win anything…not even a humanitarian award (they can donate as much money and help out in the community as much as they want because I like that, it’s a nice thing to do, just don’t give them any credit for it)

Svedka Vodka

Dog poo on my shoe


I’m sure there are more things to add to this list, but they clearly aren’t as important so I’ll just add them later on.


Happy new year everyone! Here’s hoping 2011 brings us all GREAT opportunities, chances and happiness.


With puppy love,

A Ditk



One Response to “2011”

  1. slamdunk January 3, 2011 at 1:46 am #

    Thanks for the laugh with the Yankees–I am with you there.

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