Fillin’ Seats

22 Nov

Tonight I was a “seat filler” at the American Music Awards. What’s a seat filler, you ask? Well, a seat filler is just a person who sits in seats randomly when one opens up so that the audience always appears to be full. This could be the seat of a celebrity like Taylor Swift or a nobody like John Smith. There were over 300 of us so I didn’t think I’d get to go anywhere but low and behold I ended up sitting in like the 16th row for the entire show because someone didn’t show up. I sat next to a guy that was in a band in the 90s called “Freak” but they were never signed. I got to see all of the performances and a lot of the artists would pass by and were only about 15-20 feet infront of me, so it was pretty cool. Before the show we were in a holding area right around the corner from where the performing artists’ trailers were, so P.Diddy, Usher, Ke$ha and half of the Backstreet Boys passed by me. That was fun. I stood outside of Miley’s trailer for a while, but no luck. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. They gave us takeout containers with a turkey sandwich, cookies, chips and an apple while we were waiting in the holding area. We noticed there was a door leading inside to a tent that had food/hair/makeup for extras, dancers, stage hands, producers, etc. I wanted to go into that tent. A few of my friends got in, so I decided it aint no thang, so I just waltzed in with a few other people from my program. There was a carving station, dessert table, shrimp–a far cry from our styrofoam container lunches. I had a small, afternoon tea sized lemon cake. It was good, I suppose. Outside after the awards I saw Kelly Osbourne…I told her she looks amazing…she said “Thank you so much!” It was my moment of the night. After I got home, I changed and then went to Bob’s Big Boy (diner) with one of my friends. We had a delightful meal, and while we were standing in line waiting to pay after eating, I noticed that Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame was standing behind me. That was also fun.

And that was my day. Not too shabby considering the seat I sat in was surrounded by people who paid $4,000 for their seats.



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