When I Grow Up…

19 Sep

I don’t necessarily want to be famous, I think that’s a stupid goal to strive for. How can you say it is a goal of yours to just be known by everyone? To be a worldwide celebrity, if you will. In my eyes, it is better to strive to be great at something–a talent, a task, a skill–to build on and then be recognized for that particular thing.

All I know is that I want to be someone who is reputible in the entertainment industry, be it in television, film or the internet (NO pornography, thanks). I’m not sure if I want to be solely behind the scenes, or in front of the camera as well.  I just want my talent and work to be used for good and to be recognized by a sufficient amount of the population. My dream is to be the host of my own talk show, preferably on late night TV, but I’m a realist and I know this will not happen over night. I have to start at the very bottom, in the mailroom, if you will. I have to try and get myself, and my work, out there. Shop around some of my ideas, writing samples, etc.

But what’s the best way to do all of this? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since being out here in Los Angeles. Yes, I have two internships with two very reputable and iconic people, but who’s to say this will get me anywhere except on the path to an impressive resume. I feel as if a resume is useless if you want to be a writer. The only thing that matters is the quality of your writing and/or who actually sees it. You could have just finished what you truly believe is the next great American novel or screenplay, but if you don’t have the right connections, it may never be more than a few hundred pages bound together by a butterfly clip. This is what worries me.

I’ve been told so many different things down the long path of advice, but the one thing all words of advice have had in common is that I need an agent. I don’t know how to get a literary agent and honestly I wouldn’t even know where to start. A wise man once said “you’ve got to blow someone who blows someone who knows someone” but frankly, that’s not the way I plan on handeling the situation, nor is it the way I want to handle it. I tried Google, that was a fail. I tried contacting a friend who works at William Morris Endeavor for advice, but she never answered me, and now I’m stuck. I know it may seem like it’s too early to get an agent, but when has it ever been to early to start making money?

Know a literary agent in LA or NY? Send them to my blog, tell them I also do Bar Mitzvahs…I mean, screenplays, and various other genres and styles of writing. Help a sista out.

Here’s hoping my name falls upon the right ears and my writing before the right eyes!



One Response to “When I Grow Up…”

  1. tnavarra September 23, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    Hey Allie,

    I read your blog a ton– you’re very witty, but I knew that from knowing you for so long in school. I too often question the same things you’ve questioned in this blog. It seems we have similar goals and aspirations– which in truth, should make you an enemy of mine! However, this week in my PR class, a speaker came to discuss the industry and all that nonsense, he is the CEO of his company. Basically, what he said, and repeated multiple times, was that your resume means crap if you want to be a writer/exist in the world of communication– it’s all about your portfolio. I’m sure you have a ton to add to it, but I wanted to offer that friendly tidbit, he said, and I quote “I’ll look at your resume, sure, but I don’t really care about it– I want to see your innovative, creative, and talented portfolio– is that too much to ask?”

    It’s not too much to ask. However, if you do find an agent, you let me know! Ha ha.


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