19 Sep

Hey everyone! Just wanted to send out a friendly reminder to say that there’s more to this wonderful blog than meets the eye! Yes, that’s right! When you type my blog into your URL and the site loads, you get to feast your eyes on my homepage, BUT if you look to the top right of my page, you’ll see a few links to other pages! Incredible, I know. For instance, there’s an essay I wrote my freshman year of college for a writing class, and a page full of links that will lead you do extraordinary articles that I have written for various campus publications! Super cool, I know. Here’s a little sneak peak! This is the link to an article I wrote for my school’s humor website. I wrote it about an annual campus festival that kind of took a visit to the shitter this past year as restrictions and limits were slapped on it for the first time since it’s existence. It lead to various questions by, so I decided to address one of the hypothetical questions with a hypothetical answer. It made me laugh, maybe it’ll make you laugh as well.

Mystery Mayfest Beer Brewed By Nancy Cantor

Enjoy, and make sure you check out all of the links and pages featured on my blog! After all, they’re included on my blog for a reason!



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