Something New…

24 Aug

For those of you that don’t know me personally, let me give you a quick insight as to what kind of person I am. I am loud, opinionated, and I’d like to think smart, as well. Maybe a little witty, but for creative purposes, I won’t push it. Anyways, being that I possess all of these traits, I’m bound to have my embarrassing moments, and boy oh boy do I ever! Usually it’s the occasional slip, trip or voice crack, but today I even surprised myself with the level of embarrassment I was able to reach. I think I may have actually blushed a little bit.

I was at a local Mexican restaurant with one of my roommates. I waited in line, ordered my food and placed my drink down on a table my roommate picked out. While waiting for our food, I decided to take a little trip over to the salsa bar to pick out what I’d be dipping my chips into. When I arrived, some 3 seconds later, I found myself waiting behind two girls, who appeared to be about my age, who couldn’t seem to decide what salsa to try, so they took forever. I decided I’d have a drink while I was waiting so I reached down, picked up my cup and sipped.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, where was my cup?

a) in my hand

b) on the table

c) I didn’t get a drink

The answer is B.

Yes. When you put two and two together you will come to the understanding that I was now drinking out of a complete stranger’s cup. “Wait, is that my…” I heard one of the girls say. That’s when I looked down, glanced over to my table and put the cup down. “Oh. Let me get you a new straw…” This is where I began to apologize profusely! “I’m so sorry, I thought I brought mine over, I’m so sorry!!!” She just laughed as I threw the old straw out and handed her a new one, but I could tell exactly what she was thinking– “what a freak, I bet she backwashed an entire burrito into my drink.” For the record, I didn’t backwash because I had had nothing to eat at that point, thus, it was a clean sip!

Regardless, I drank from a stranger’s cup and embarrassed myself more than I usually do.

Los Angeles is such an adventure!


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