The Key Is…

12 Jul

Today is another slow day at the office, so naturally there is nothing to do. A woman I share my little groupicle (my word for a group-cubicle) asked if I would be willing to run an errand for her. Being that I had nothing to do, I said yes and researched the nearest place that copies keys…because she needed 2 copies done of each of 2 keys to her apartment. So I wrote down the first address and some directions and found my way. Once I arrived, I was notified that in order to make copies of these particular keys I would need the “key card” that came with them. Now, not only did I not have this card but I had no freaking clue what this man was talking about, but being that is was a key store, and this guy was surrounded by keys all day and night, I figured he knew what he was talking about. Still hopeful, I returned to the office to explain what had happened to my co-worker. She didn’t understand either, so I decided to fins another locksmith/key place to try. This one was a little further but I walked there anyway and upon arriving I learned that I needed that same damn card to get these keys copied, but this time I learned that copying these keys without said card is illegal. I told them that I have had copies of these keys made before, and he told me to try a hardware store. So I searched for the nearest one on my phone and found my way. Upon arriving I found out that they do not carry the blank key that fits the set I needed copied. At this point I was a little defeated and about 5lbs lighter from sweating, so I turned around and headed back to the office. Once I explained what had happened this time, my co-worker said after lunch she would look up the address of the place she had the keys copied at once before meaning it would be a sure bet.

Wrong. So terribly wrong.

After I finished eating my co-worker handed me the address, some money, the keys and her Metro card to make my way to Times Square. I made my way there via the Subway and walked a few avenues to the hardware store. The man took the keys and then told me “oh, the locksmith isn’t in today, you can come back tomorrow.”

Let me tell you this. If I hadn’t been sweating so much, I would have started to cry because I just couldn’t win today.

So I said “oh, thanks” and walked out of the store. A few store fronts down was a weird discount looking shop and in the window was a picture of a key with a sign next to it that said “copies” so naturally I ran inside. When I asked for copies to be made, what do you think happened?

Yeah, they couldn’t copy “that type” of key.

I made my way back to the subway to go back to my office when I realized I had somehow spilt my pants right between my legs in the crotch region.

Today was a good day.


One Response to “The Key Is…”

  1. miley July 12, 2010 at 4:34 pm #

    you should do what i’ve been doing and not wear pants at all! hope your day gets better 🙂

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