Kiss My Past

1 Jun

Nightmares. Some people have them, some people don’t, and some people just live them when they think about their past. We’ve all done things in our past that we aren’t proud of, but, in turn, our past has ultimately turned into one giant  lesson that continues to teach us everyday. If I didn’t burn myself on the clothes iron years ago, I’d probably be pressing it to my face right about now for warmth, and if I didn’t kick that girl in middle school and get detention, I’d probably be pro-violence today and wind up behind bars. Basically, who cares what happened yesterday when you’re living today, and have to get up and live again tomorrow, and the day after, and so on and so forth.

My advice is to think forward. Don’t think about what you did in high school, think about what you’re going to do tomorrow, or even tonight with your friends. Don’t think about that time you burped incredibly loud at a business dinner, hink about that big presentation you need to prepare for tomorrow, or that job interview you have lined up next week. This positivity will surely get you over your past, and make your future a lot brighter. If you can turn the terror of your past into positive energy, you will be well on your way to a great future career, life and love.

     I know that I have gotten over my past, for the most part, but it wasn’t easy. It may seem like a lost cause to you, but it isn’t, I promise. Once you achieve it, you’ll feel brand new–like a newborn, with hair, teeth and style. Will you make new mistakes that you aren’t proud of? Yes, but that just comes as a responsibility with the job of living. So, in the words of Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus ” Take chances, make mistakes, get messy” because you’ll only learn and become a better, stronger and smarter person from them.



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