They Won’t Grow Up

23 May

High School graduation–a time to say goodbye to long, tedious school days, 5 days a week, and having your parents breathe down your neck with countless questions like “have you finished your homework yet?” and “are you studying? I hear Guitar Hero, why don’t I hear a calculator!” Right?

For most, the answer is yes, but for a select few the answer is unfortunately a rather large “N-O”

There’s a growing epidemic out there. One SO large that there has yet to be a name for it, but for old Ditk’s sake, I’m just going to go ahead and take the liberty of doing that all myself. I will call it “NeverReallyLeaveHighSchoolItis”

What is this epidemic you ask? Well, it truly is quite simple, actually. You see, NeverReallyLeaveHighSchoolItis is when a teenager physically graduates high school, diploma and all, but mentally their brain is still in high school. Symptoms include:

-Causing excessive drama

-Visiting home more than once a month (family and health emergencies are of course exceptions)

-Constantly trying to be “cool” and “popular”

-Not doing any work/rarely attending classes (a.k.a extended senioritis)

-Unrelated vomiting and diarrhea

-I added that last one in there.

These are just some of the many symptoms of NeverReallyLeaveHighSchoolItis. It may seem totally sad and unprofessional, but some teenagers just cant grasp the concept of moving on from one stage in their lives to another.

Drama is just completely unnecessary. It’s just plain old stupid. I couldn’t wait to escape high school drama, it was like quicksand. I found myself watching it unfold and before I could even blink I’d somehow find myself at the epicenter of it all–it just sucks people in. Fortunately, being that college campuses tend to be much larger than high schools, if there are particular drama-full students you’d like to avoid it’s much easier to do so in college because of all the places to go, things to do and people to meet.

Going away to college is an experience that I believe is completely necessary in life. It is a true test as to if you will be able to survive on your own one day, sans your parents, in moderation and with lots of security. If you choose to go away to attend college, but return home weekend after weekend, not only are you wasting thousands of your parent’s money, but you’re virtually canceling out the concept of being independent and on your own. Of course, some kids are forced to live at home due to financial situations, but these cases leave them with level heads and a drive to be on their own one day. Those who simply return to home, wasting their parents money, have no sense of independence and will either live with their parents forever in a basement that smells like cat urine, or just wither and fray when they’re thrown into their own apartment with no prior “away from home” experience. My advice for this symptom is to try being away for at least one year and see what happens because you may be quite surprised with the outcome. If it still doesn’t seem like something for you at the end, then you can consider your other options, but until you’ve stayed the full school year away from home, only coming home for major holidays and emergencies, you’ll never know what it’s truly like, and you may miss out on something you love.

Another issue is when someone with NeverReallyLeaveHighSchoolItis believes there is still such a thing as the “popular” crowd in college. Ok, so your high school may have had 1,000 kids in each grade and there was still a clear-cut popular crowd, but I can guarantee your college has thousands of more students than your high school did, leaving there one of the slimmest chances there is for anyone to be known by everyone, let alone be considered “popular”. My advice to address this symptom is to just be yourself. I guarantee more people will like you once they see how genuine you are around them. If you’re constantly trying to be cool and “awesomely popular” you may lose sight of who you really are and end up burning important bridges along the way.

If you’re in college and not going to the majority or all of your classes, you’re just a moron. Your parents are PAYING for you to take these classes, and by not attending classes, your basically giving away their money. If your idea of college is being away from your parents so you can party 24/7 and slack off, save them the money, do not pass go and do not collect $200 and just head straight for their basement. NEWSFLASH: you don’t need to go to college to drink, party and waste your life away. Don’t get me wrong, partying is fun and ok but in moderation. Balancing your classes, work and your social life is a great skill that definitely will come in handy after college graduation when you’re launched into the real world. I PROMISE there will be plenty of time to have fun, even if you do attend classes and stay ahead on your work. My advice: TIME MANAGEMENT.

I’m sorry if I just diagnosed anyone out there who is reading this post, but at the same time, you’re welcome because I may have just opened your eyes to the bigger picture–there is more to life than slacking off and sheltering yourself from the world that lies before you. When you walk out of your high school gymnasium one last time take your mind with you and don’t look back. Unless you’re attending an alumni day/reunion or plan on becoming an educator, there is no reason for your brain to remain. Pictures of the good times you had while in high school will remain and you’ll hold onto memories as long as you can, but all of that is fun to look back on and recall when you’re financially independent, not while you’re still down the block from where it all went down.

Get out there. Thank your parents for affording you a higher education. And be yourself.

Oh, and as for the possible vomiting and diarrhea, TUMS usually help.

Thanks mom and dad = ]



4 Responses to “They Won’t Grow Up”

  1. Anon May 23, 2010 at 2:14 am #

    So hypocritical. You’re in a sorority, the definition of continuing high school into college. I’m sure this will be met with ludicrous rebuttal, which is why I plan never to check what your reply is, nor read this blog again. I win ; )

    • aditk May 23, 2010 at 2:18 am #

      Well, I would agree with your comment if I joined a sorority for childish reasons, but unfortunately for you I joined for friendships, networking and leadership/philanthropy opportunities. I like to give back to the community and build my resume, my apologies if you think joining a sorority is a poor way to do so. In the end, you may never see this or read my blog again (but let’s be honest, you WILL check back to see if I responded to your comment because that’s just the way life is) but, YOU’RE the one who was reading MY blog…you can go shave your back now. NEXT.

    • Nico May 24, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

      This isn’t a rebuttal, this is reason. It is acceptance of our choices and willingness to perform that marks maturity. The criticism of another’s lifestyle is something that is truly ludicrous.

  2. Grandma June 1, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Not only did I think your blog was well written,but it really made sense.
    I also thought your piece on the oil spill was outstanding.
    You really have talent girl. Am very proud of you.
    When can we meet in the city?
    I will be there on Wednesday June 9th and staying over till the 10th. You are welcome to stay over at the Manhattan club with me if you bring your ear plugs.


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