420 vs. Santa

22 Apr

Earlier this week was the day that numerous high school and college kids alike wait for. The day groups of friends and gangs pool their money for. The day they all get up to fall down–4/20. I for one, disagree with this day, and believe not only that it is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have EVER heard of, but that it is NOT a holiday, and anyone who considers it to be a holiday, will probably make it as far as the manager position at Burger King in their lifetime.

I grew up in a town where marijuana was more prevalent than #2 pencils, and it was ridiculous. I don’t agree with drugs, I never really have, but don’t have a problem with people who do them–unless they abuse them, of course. I just think that too much of anything is never a good thing, especially if it’s illegal. So why do people make a spectacle out of a date that just so happens to match the number of chemicals in or some stupid fact about weed? The world may never know, but I plan to shed some light on the situation, and show that celebrating this so-called holiday is on the same level as celebrating Pi Day on 3/14, just more illegal. There IS no significance. There IS no point. It’s just an excuse for kids to go out and support the black market and for cookie companies to make bank. But guess what, college kids who celebrate 4/20 pretty much celebrate on a daily basis, so why must they designate a day for it?

I guess my question is, why would you celebrate a day where you don’t get off from school or work, and you don’t receive any presents? Yeah, maybe hallucinating and feeling like there’s no ground beneath your feet may be a gift to some, but personally, I prefer a car or even a Playstation to a one-time-use bag of marijuana.

There’s been a fight for YEARS to make marijuana legal, if only for medicinal purposes, but maybe the reason it hasn’t been legalized yet is because the majority of people using it don’t know how to do it responsibly. They get high, eat everything in sight, and then annoy everyone around them, drive a car, or operate heave machinery and cut their hand off accidentally. No, of course this doesn’t happen to EVERYONE who does the drug, much like that commercial “I smoked weed and nothing happened to me…” yeah yeah yeah, but it just takes ONE instance to ruin it for everyone. ONE death. ONE severed big toe. Just keep that in mind the next time you get anxious that April 20th is rolling around…no pun intended.

Ultimately, smoking weed is really not that cool. I cannot stress that enough. I LAUGH every time I see little high school kids trying to light a joint with their backwards baseball caps and skinny jeans, in broad daylight, just begging to be seen by everyone and anyone, until the cops come, of course. If you do it once a month or maybe just once a year, cool, but if you do it everyday, and your in college, maybe slow it down a little bit and get ready for the real world.

Yeah, maybe it takes the edge off things, maybe it de-stresses you, but so do laxatives, and you don’t see kids popping those in the schoolyard after 9th period or forensics.

Not to mention 4/20 is Hitler’s birthday, you sick, SICK individuals. Go do something useful and read 420 pages in a book. Heck, eat 420 Skittles, just don’t be stupid.



2 Responses to “420 vs. Santa”

  1. aunt diane April 22, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

    this should be required reading for all high school kids!

  2. Nico April 26, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    um AGREED.
    thanks ditk

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