Her Wires Must Be Crossed

13 Apr

It has become apparent to me that as long as men and women exist, stupid men and women will exist as well. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do about this awful epidemic, except for us smart and level headed people to smash our heads against a wall. Why is this the only solution, you ask? Well, it’s simple, if someone is just naturally stupid, there is nothing anyone can say or do to change them. Education? Their brains are like Brillo pads–new information kind of just sits there and doesn’t really sink in like smart people’s “sponge-like brains”, so no, education does not work. Retaliation? If they know something is wrong and/or pisses someone else off, they will just continue to do it considering their “good” and “bad” wires are crossed.

What is it that makes people stupid? Incompetence? Poor listening skills? Or just the ability to block everyone out that isn’t themselves? I think it’s all of the above, along with the inability to recognize or care about how others feel about certain situations and an EXTREME disregard for rules and regulations. For instance–smoking is not allowed in ANY public building in New York State…stupid people smoke indoors in New York State, smart people take it outside. Stupid people, when approached about smoking indoors, claim they didn’t know it wasn’t allowed, smart people take it outside.

When a stupid person says “I didn’t know” they 110% DID know, they just like pushing buttons to see how far they can get before someone enrolls them into a special education course…in jail. Seriously–if you’re under 21, anywhere in the United States, it is illegal to drink alcohol. If you are a person living in the US, no matter what your age, you can’t walk around with an open, visible container of alcohol. But, if you’re stupid, you’re 20 and walk around with an open container on a college campus.

It’s sad, but undoubtably true that stupid people will just continue on a downward spiral towards the land of cheap beer, chain smoking and cutting coupons.

I hate stupid people. Also, if you read this, and think this post is about you, you’re wrong–it isn’t.

You’re also stupid enough to believe that last statement.

I’m A Ditk and I don’t care.


One Response to “Her Wires Must Be Crossed”

  1. Hoyin April 22, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

    this is pretty epic. 🙂

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