Man, I Feel Like A Jackass

1 Mar

Have you ever had one of these moments? I’m sure you have, so here it is:

Today in class I saved 3 extra seats, as I have 3 friends that usually sit with me. Every day they usually arrive to class a few minutes after I do, find me, take a seat and we’re golden–but today was different. You see, sometimes I am indeed the only one out of my group of friends that actually shows up to this class every day, but I figured since we have a test on Wednesday that they would all show up too, so naturally that’s why I saved them each a seat. I arrived to the lecture hall 5 minutes before the start of class, took a seat and saved the seats. Then 2 students went to take a seat in said seats, but I told them they were taken. Then another girl came and went to sit down, I told her the same thing–‘oh, I’m saving those seats, sorry!” She looked at me and walked away. Then ANOTHER 2 students came and went to take a seat, but of course I turned them down. Then class began. I texted my friends to tell them I saved a seat. One answered and said she wasn’t coming today, and the other 2 didn’t answer. So now I’m sitting in class, with 2 empty seats next to me, looking like some jackass who just didn’t want anyone sitting near me. Awesome. And the day goes on.

Happy March!


One Response to “Man, I Feel Like A Jackass”

  1. limewire April 30, 2010 at 3:01 am #

    dang fun story dude.

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