Sweeping the Nation

17 Feb

People with attitude problems have always struck a rather large nerve with me, and I think it’s about time they learn how to handle situations without getting in someone’s face. Lately, I have witnessed more verbal fights than ever before, and I’m honestly getting sick and tired of watching my friends break down and cry all because of some incompetent person who has nothing better to do with their time and energy. Being the kind, loving and generous person that I am, I have decided to compile a “pocket guide” for those who blow up, because it’s time for them to grow up.

1. Stop, drop and think: If a situation arises that blows your top, stop for just one minute and think “is this really worth my time?” Chances are, if you’re a constant offender, the answer will be “no” and in that case you will drop the issue and walk away like an adult.

2. Be the bigger person: If someone wants to get in your face, show them that you’re more mature and either calmly set them aside to TALK (not yell) about the issue at hand to resolve it or simply smile and walk away.

3. Don’t be stupid: There are literally thousands of issues in the world everyday, probably millions but I’m not a statistics whiz. If you let EVERY issue get to you, you’re going to wear yourself out so fast you won’t be able to stand up for more than 2 minutes without having to sit down to catch your breath–I promise you that. If something is really worth your time and argument, then you will know it, but if you’re one of those “all I wanna do is get into a verbal fight” people, then you’re fucked, UNLESS you learn when to and when not to speak up. So seriously think about it.

4. Leave where you’re from out of it: I don’t care if you’re from China or Brooklyn, and chances are neither does your “opponent”. Your hometown does not change your muscle mass and I guarantee threatening someone by saying “I’m from Brooklyn, the streets! Don’t think I won’t cut a bitch” won’t change the fact that you just yelled at a body builder from Connecticut. They’ll just laugh and walk away, because you’ll look like a moron.

5. THINK!: This is the one thing no one tends to do when they’re angry, and even I’m guilty as well. When you’re heated, you tend to lose your filter and just say whatever comes to mind–this will only make the situation worse. Though it may be admirable that you can say your problems to someone’s face instead of just behind their back, if you’re all shook up you might end up saying something completely out of line that has nothing to do with the situation at hand, and therefore end up making matters worse, not to mention looking like an idiot.

6. Get a hobby: I know it may sound lame, but finding something to do that channels your anger in a more positive way can work wonders! For instance, when I’m angry, I blog! Not only does it help me get my feelings out in a non-violent way, but it helps others because they may be feeling the same way I am and upon reading one of my posts, they may feel a lot better or realize a better way to solve one of the problems they may be having. I know blogging isn’t for everyone, but there’s lots of other activities to do, such as knitting, painting, drawing, sewing etc. Not the artsy type? Try something a little more physical like kickboxing, aerobics or rock climbing. Sometimes going for a quiet drive around town, listening to your favorite music helps a lot too. Whatever you choose, there’s something for everyone and I believe hobbies can save lives. It’s something to occupy your time and keep you from altercations.

So there you have it folks, 6 easy steps to becoming a better, less argumentative you!  Or you can choose not to follow this guide and lose all of your friends, that’s cool too…whatever floats your boat.

You can thank me later ; )



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