My Life in a Nutshell

26 Jan

Today I had an appointment at my school’s Health Services office, simply to renew a prescription for a medication I have been taking, but it certainly ended up being anything but simple. You see, I had to fill out a form about the medication (I guess it has risks) just to make sure that it was safe to continue with it. When I was reading over the sheet, it asked if I ever had chest pains, which I have had in the past, and maybe one or two times in the past few months, but I never thought anything of it. I finished filling out the forms, and sat patiently waiting for the doctor to come in. When she arrived, she reviewed the forms, and was breezing through them, until the box checked YES next to chest pains, “uh oh, now tell me about these chest pains”. Uh ohs are never good, I know this. I explained them to her, and assured her they didn’t occur often, but this resulted me in having to get an EKG right there on the spot, just to make sure everything is kosher in my system. So, I was soon bombarded by two nurses who gave me a paper gown (I love paper clothing, I’m not even joking) and told me to remove my shirt and everything else, and leave the robe on, open in the front. Woah, woah, woah, was my initial thought, but I figured it was standard procedure, so I honored the nurse’s wishes, and laid on my back, trying to come up with a reason why my life is just a series of practical jokes, glued together with a dollar-store glue stick, to form a timeline. I have yet to find a reason. Any who, the nurses came back in and wired me up. The procedure only took about 3 minutes, maybe even less, which was good because it was a very weird situation, and I just wanted to run back to my dorm and sip on a juice box. They finished up, the doctor came back in and told me I would have my results tomorrow, and that I must stay off the medication for a month. Basically, I accomplished nothing I intended to today. Just another day in the life of A Ditk, but I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, especially since I’m donating blood, which happens to be one of my favorite things to do and I always have a fun story to tell afterwards! It’s like killing two birds with one stone, except for the fact that instead of killing I’m saving, and instead of birds, people. So, yeah, maybe it’s not like that after all.



2 Responses to “My Life in a Nutshell”

  1. David February 2, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    People are losing interest in your lack of updated blogging. That must mean you are studying so much, u don’t have time, right???

  2. David February 9, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

    No new posts since 1/26?
    I quit this blog, as it seems rhe author has!

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