9 Jan

Why is it that once it’s after midnight, the credit and IRS debt commercials start to flood television? First off, what makes you think this is the perfect time slot to advertise your business to hope a lazy person who hasn’t paid their taxes in years is finally going to decide to do something about it when they are hopped up on cola at 3AM watching re-runs of the Jersey Shore? My other question is why commercials? Don’t you think that someone who is thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt won’t have cable, let alone a television? Maybe you should try flyers in public restrooms, you might have better luck reaching your demographic there. Also, please show more realistic couples and individuals on your commercials. Joe and Judy Schmo standing in front of their beautiful home is not going to convince me that they are in debt and that you somehow helped them to get out of it. Perhaps if you showed Joe and Judy unloading their possessions, that the IRS seized, off a truck would be more realistic.

So listen to me or don’t listen to me, but if you just so happen to take my advice, and phone calls start pouring in, won’t you feel like A Ditk knowing a student trumped you, the professional? Just sayin’…


One Response to “Question…”

  1. David January 20, 2010 at 11:48 am #

    No vacation blogs?
    Have you abandoned your blog????

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