17 Dec

As some of you (hopefully all of you, being that you have eyes because you are indeed using the internet) may have noticed, the appearance of my blog has changed. This is due to the season, and time of year. Now, taking into the consideration the post directly below this one, and the one shortly before it, you may be wondering why I chose a Christmas themed template for my blog. Well, the answer to that is simple–there were no Hanukkah or Jewish related themes to choose from. I might write an angry letter, I’m really not sure yet, but I have to get through finals week first, which is the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately. I only have one test and one paper, which is almost completed, but I still find myself to be a little stressed out because everyone else is doing SO much work because they have about 6 tests and 3 papers, but I only have 1 and 1. Blessed? Perhaps. Lucky? Probably. Fucked? YES, because this means I will most likely have a bajillion finals and papers during next semester’s finals week, but I don’t even want to think about that now. All I want to think about is how I will be done for the semester and home in 4 days, wanting to escape my parents in 5 (just kidding dad!), and in Cancun with my ridiculous, loving and crazy family in 11. You should all be excited for my trip to Cancun too because I will be blogging daily, most likely while my family is in the pool because I hate chlorine, call it an irrational phobia, but nonetheless I will be sharing the stories that unfold with each day, because some crazy shiz is bound to happen when the Ditks bask out in the sun.


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