16 Nov

According to my father, as a result of a stutter in my speech earlier today I created/coined a new word–slunch. What is slunch, you ask? Well, slunch is simply Sunday Lunch. Now, I know what you may be thinking–how does that make any sense? Why just for Sundays? Well, take Monday lunch–Mlunch–that just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, now does it? Exactly. Slunch also faces the competition of the ever popular Sunday Brunch, which combines breakfast and lunch, but you can have brunch ANYDAY of the week while slunch is only for Sundays! Not to mention who actually wants to wake up early enough to have brunch on Sundays? I know I don’t like to wake up before noon unless I actually have something worth waking up for to do. Think about it: brunch is typically considered to be a meal eaten between the hours of 11am- 2pm roughly, but slunch can be eaten whenever, as long as it’s after noon because it’s just lunch! It gives you such freedom, especially since you can eat a burger or a bagel or a steak–who cares?!–it’s SLUNCH!

I’m writing Mr. Webster a letter tomorrow–I’m going to get this shiz officially coined and be amongst the likes of Homer Simpson with weird words in the dictionary coined by everyday people– D’OH!


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