Tales of A 14th Grade…

12 Nov

So I have been keeping a tab on one of my friends who always seems to encounter crazy people and situations at work. She is an employee of the department of recreation here at our school, but all that really means is that she swipes ID cards and loans equipment out to people at the gym on campus. Earlier this year, she showed me a book she started last year where she wrote down some of these instances, and I told her she should try and continue to record them and I would give her a section on my blog. Nonetheless, she hasn’t written anything else down, but she did approach me today with a story that is more than worthy of a place on my blog. Basically, the other day she was working with a boy whom she had never worked with before, when she began to notice he seemed like he needed a little help…mentally. Being the kind person that she is (why would I be friends with a bitch?) she asked him what was wrong, and that’s when he dropped the bomb. You see, this boy, we’ll call him Mike for all intensive purposes, was in a relationship with a girl for the first half of this semester, but a few weeks ago she abrutly packed up and left campus without saying a word to anyone–including Mike. Obviously Mike was baffled, so he tried to get in touch with her but was not able to do so. A few days later, Mike was surfing the web and ended up on Facebook, much like any other college student, and decided to click on her page to see if he could figure out her whereabouts. Before he was even able to look at her wall, he was stopped dead in his (eye) tracks by her status: “R.I.P Mike Jr.” If you cannot put 2 and 2 together–Mike had gotten her pregnant, she didn’t tell him but told her mother who then pulled her out of school and she got an abortion. She did however name the baby, after Mike–how sentimental. What a proper way to inform a boy he’s going to be a father! Or…would be going to be a father had there been no abortion?

I’d like to thank my friend for this rather entertaining/upsetting story–keep up the good work eavesdropping!


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