The Amazing Miley

8 Nov

miley-cyrus-wonderworld-tour-2As you aDITKs may or may not know, I am a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan, so naturally when I found out about her MileyWorld 2009 tour, I had to get tickets. I waited for months and finally the event came! So last night, my friend and I drove over to NJ to see Miley in all her glory. I honestly have nothing else to say except for the fact that the show was amazing. She sang all the hits–See You Again, The Climb, Party in the USA–and more. Obviously there’s got to be more to a Miley concert than just singing and dancing, and trust me, there were lots of extras and surprises.

First, during Fly on the Wall, Miley was suspended in air, flying above the crowd like a fly, I guess–it just looked really cool. Then, at the end of Fly on the Wall, Miley and her dancers did a short, dance tribute to the late king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, by dancing to Thriller. It was a short but sweet tribute that definitely made a mark. Later on, Miley covered “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” while soaring above the crowd on a red motorcycle–that was interesting, but entertaining nonetheless. Then, about halfway through the concert, Miley treated the entire crowd to a preview of her new movie, coming out sometime next year, The Last Song, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks (also wrote The Notebook). From the looks of the preview, the movie looks amazing, and so does her co-star and rumored boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. At the end of the trailer, which isn’t even available in good quality on YouTube, the screen read that the movie features new songs from Miley Cyrus, so of course as soon as the screen went blank, Miley appeared at sitting at a piano on stage and performed what I guess is one of the songs from the movie. It was fantastic–and a shameless plug.

Overall, aside from being the oldest person there who wasn’t a parent, I had a great time and cannot wait to see Miley on her next tour, whenever it may be. I don’t know why I love Miley so much–my dad thinks I have a problem–but I think it’s because her music is just so fun, energetic and clean that it makes me feel carefree, and like a kid again. I guess Miley’s music is just like a guilty pleasure of mine, something I can listen to when I want to escape from the chaos and stress that is college life. Oh well, I guess life with Miley is just another Party in the USA.


One Response to “The Amazing Miley”

  1. Miley November 8, 2009 at 11:10 pm #

    Hey Allie!

    Loved your blog post, I’m so glad you had a good time. I better see y’all at another show in the future! lol miley face

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