Now Let Me Clear My Throat

27 Oct

Hello Additks, I hope today is one of greatness for all of you wonderful people. It seems as if you have once again stumbled upon my blog, or were simply googling “A Disk” or pictures of male genitalia, but either way, fate has brought you to the mecca of words; the mecca of stories; and the epicenter of cool. Yes, that’s right, if The Life of A Ditk was a person, she would be sitting at the popular table in the lunch room, trading her tuna sandwich for only the best snacks–like Goldfish. Anyways, I won’t keep you waiting for the climax, so here ya go. Today, I am going to be ranting about anger. Doesn’t that seem a little of–to rant about anger? Regardless, when have I ever been on, per say? So here I go.

If you consider yourself to be an angry person, you should probably come to some kind of agreement with yourself to find a happy place, somewhere within, to visit every time you feel your fist about to plunge through 5 layers of plaster and sheet rock. Think of it as what Billy Madison does; his happy place is a place full of beer, women, his grandmother smiling, and of course Chubs. When you’re angry, think WWBD? and be like Billy.

Second, if what I just suggested does not work for you, just try and figure out what sets you off every time you launch into outer space. You’ll save a lot of fuel, and by fuel I mean energy, if you identify the problem that always upsets/angers you sooner than later to avoid awkward situations in which you find yourself flipping out in front of friends and/or family, because then you’ll just have to apologize anyways, and let’s face it, no one actually likes to apologize.

If you find yourself getting angry and raising havoc more than once a week or a few times every month, you have an issue, and it is obvious to your peers, so why not make it obvious to yourself? Admit you have a problem, because admitting it is the first step toward success! And everybody likes being successful! S-U-C-C-E-S-S, let’s all cheer about SUCCESS! Feel free to use that as a little tool to remind you of what life could be like if you seek help when you ADMIT you have an anger problem.

Unfortunately, many people who are angry, also tend to be quite stubborn. This is far from a cheeseburger and fries in the sense that it is definitely not a good combination. Being angry and knocking over a few flower plants is one thing, but being angry and refusing the clean up the mess you left from said knocked over flower plants because you claim it is not your fault they’re on the floor is a whole different ball game. Always take responsibility for your actions, even if you don’t believe any of them were your fault, because if there are more than 2 people blaming it on you, most likely you blacked out from anger and just don’t remember your actions, but maybe your friends witnessed the entire event.

Sometimes anger is good. Sometimes anger motivates people to have positive outcomes or plan life-changing events that better their community or those around them, but usually anger just points fingers and doesn’t listen to what others have to say, making anger very one-sided. Take apart your anger, study your anger, find its weakness and then kick anger while it’s down. Just whatever you do, make sure you don’t drag others into your own anger, because then that creates somewhat uncomfortable situations, and could quite possibly make others not want to be around you often out of the fear that you’ll jump down their throat again for no reason other than you being angry at the world.

So, what’s my point? Well, friends can only do so much, same with therapists and counseling services, so in the end it’s only YOU that can prevent forest fires, I mean internal/external anger. Do yourself a favor, and seek outside help if anger often occurs in your life. Though it may not be a one-stop-shop to cure it all, it will help you better express yourself and feelings in times of anger, and make it so that you won’t scare friends and loved ones away, which may or may not leave you alone in the end, which could make you sad and lonely in the end, which could turn into self-hate and anger, and then you realize everything has come full-circle and you’ve wasted your life. Moral of my post–don’t be angry…find the good in your life, embrace it, and build upon it until you’ve built walls so high that anger has no way of getting in. Just make sure you use bricks, because as we have all learned from the tale of The Three Little Pigs, straw and sticks do not hold up during violent wind storms. In this case, you are the house, and anger is the wind–think about it, I promise it makes sense…somehow. Basically, it’s best to just listen to the fancy Tupperware and just don’t get mad, get glad!

Well, this has been another rant by A Ditk, I hope it helps at least one person, if not everyone! Like the talking fish sings: “Don’t worry, be happy”!



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