Sleep Pattern Reversal

21 Oct

As some of you may recall from one of my more recent posts, I have a terrible back injury that often puts me in A LOT of pain. Lately, I haven’t been able to sleep well at all due to my pain waking me up every 4-5 hours while I try to get some shut-eye. I was prescribed medication, a muscle relaxer, to help me sleep at night, as well as an anti-inflamatory to help reduce the inflamation, obviously. Both medications weren’t really doing anything for me. I still wasn’t tired, and when I was, I still couldn’t sleep for more than 5 hours without having to wake up and take laps around my dorm room to dissipate the pain. So I found myself at my school’s health services building, once again, to inquire about better medication that would enable me to actually sleep at night–hopefully, at least. So I got new meds, picked them up, and took one right away as the new perscription requires me to take one pill 3 times daily. Once bed time rolled around, I took the all 3 medications, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best slumber I’ve had in a long time. After injestion, I instantly began to feel a little tired–a feeling I never got prior to the 3rd pill. I took this as a good sign, and that something good would come from it–I was pretty much wrong, per usual. I hopped into bed, surfed the web a little bit, and then closed my eyes and fell fast asleep. Seven 5 hours later, I was awake…excellent. I was planning on 7 hours last night, but the pain was just too much to fully fall back asleep. I cursed under my breath and tried to sleep, but I pretty much just propped myself up in bed for the last 2 hours, falling in and out of sleep irregularly. Finally, it was time to wake up and get ready for my 9:30am class. I threw on some clothes, grabbed a fiber bar for a quick breakfast, turned on my ipod and I was on my way. When I arrived at class, and took a seat, I began to feel a little, well, drowsy. I fell asleep about 6 times in class, something that I have never done before. This was absurd, I hate falling alseep in class, especially since I sit in the front row, and I really like my professor becuase he knows how to keep the class interesting and not boring. Obviously by me falling asleep periodically in class today, the “your class is so interesting”! message was not sent very clear at all. Class let out, and I was off to my second class of the day, feeling much better with the cool air brushing against my face and helping to open up my eyes. I arrived to the classroom and took a seat. My professor told us we’d be watching part of a movie in class today, and as soon as he pressed play, it’s like he taped my eyes shut because I pretty much passed out for the entire class–excellent. At one point, I woke up, completely forgetting where I was, only to find a naked woman on the screen in front of me. I guess I woke up just in time for the inappropriate part, just my luck. The class let out, and I went to get some lunch hoping that it would supply me with adequate energy to stay awake the rest of the day. After I finished up at lunch, it was time to make my way over to physical therapy. Upon my arrival, I changed into workout clothes, and the therapist called my name. I got on the table so he could set up the electrostatic stim on my back, andddddddd I was out. For the full 20 minutes, I completely passed out, and I’m pretty sure I drooled on the pillow–great. I learned my lesson; I will never take those pills during the day anymore, otherwise I may just pass out, and not pass the class.


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