20 Oct

zombieland There is honestly no other word to describe this movie other than AWESOME. I’ll be honest, I went into the theatre unsure of how I’d accept the film, as it is in every sense about the world being taken over by a Zombie virus, but I was pleasantly surprised when there was an actual plot and stellar humor. I’m not good by any means with scary movies, but I wasn’t scared once–I found myself laughing a lot, with the occasional flinch from seeing extreme violence and gore on screen. Of course, there was a plethora of blood that makes a car crash seem like a canvas painting, but that just comes with the baggage of Zombie flicks. The effects were amazing, the acting was solid, and Billy Murray makes an excellent and tasteful cameo. Obviously there was a little bit of a love story tied in, but it fit so perfectly, and it was just enough–not too little and not too much, and it happened to be very cute for a Zombie film. The underlying love story allowed for some light heartiness between bashing in a zombie’s head with the cover from a toilet tank, and shooting at creatures with 30 different guns.  Abigail Breslin is also in the film, which I didn’t realize, but it was so great to see Little Miss Sunshine living in a dark, Zimbie infested world–or land. Woody Harrelson pulled out all the stops for this one, and it definitely paid off. He plays a man full of such hate and passion for killing, but his character was so easy to take a liking to. I loved the film, I just can’t express it enough! My review definitely does not give it justice, but you should go see it, I recommend it to people of all ages and gender–well, maybe ages 13+.


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