Wannabe Media Whores Turn Media Away?

19 Oct

heenesnote__oPtNo, this cannot be! The Heenes family, infamous for their little Balloon-Boy-Hoax last week, has decided to sever ties with the media, and how did they do it? with class, of course! They left a hand-written note on their front door! HA HA HA. Sorry, even I had to laugh at that. Seems a little backwards, doesn’t it? The fact that this family single handedly staged a fly-away child incident and had the entire world watching, waiting and possibly even praying. It was then reveled that not only was their son, Falcon (ironic, right? Falcon= type of bird, birds fly, Falcon was apparently flying in a homemade balloon?) NOT in the balloon, but that he was hiding in the attic of their garage so no one would discover him when every media outlet showed up at their house to cover the story. Clever–Anne Frank is rolling over in her grave right now. As it turns out, the family had been on the classy show “Wife-Swap” TWO times, and the Mr. and Ms. Heenes were looking to claim some more fame, even if it meant America hating them. They wasted tax dollars, time and tears just to be ratted out by Falcon himself when he claimed they told him to do it for the show while being interviewed on television the other day. This is a true “You know you’re terrible parents when…” moment.

It’s funny–a family stages a nation-wide media hoax for fame, and now turns it away once they realize they’ve become the butt of every joke. Maybe they should have thought about the “what ifs” before they executed their plan–like, I don’t know, maybe thinking about what would happen if someone discovered it was all staged! But no, what was the likelihood of that happening? It would have most likely prevented them from ever going through with it, thus saving everyone numerous headaches. I can only imagine th 911 calls that day–“Hello, 911 emergency” “yes, I’m having a heart attack, I need an ambu–” “Oh, I’m sorry, all of our units are currently unavailable, there’s a boy in a balloon”. Balloon boy was a hoax, but that heart attack scenario could have been real! Think about THAT next time HEENES family–you could have been responsible for someone’s death as a result of a REAL emergency that received no attention because YOU CALLED THE NEWS STATION BEFORE YOU CALLED 911! Geez.


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