“My Luck”–a continuous tale of misfortune.

12 Oct

So today is Monday which is usually a pretty light day for me. I have one class at 2:15 pm and then I’m done for the day, so I’m usually pretty relaxed, but for some reason today really sucks so far. It has been yet another case of my shit-tacular luck. I was woken up at about 9am by my best friend “back pain”, and couldn’t fall back asleep for about another hour or so. Once I did, I don’t know what happened, because I was sleeping, but I remember hearing weird sounds, so I think my roommate came in once or twice to print something, otherwise for all I know an alien spaceship could have invaded my dorm–whatever. I finally woke up just before noon to get some work done, and to get dressed to meet my friend at 1pm to go get free massages that our school offers on Mondays. The walk was great (cough, sarcasm). My friend was on the phone with his father the entire time, so to pass the time my hands made friends with my pockets. Finally, we arrived, but he was still on the phone. Despite this, we walked over and wrote our names down on the list–he was number 20, I was number 21–so much for “ladies first”. Once he concluded his phone call, some 5 minutes later, he apologized for the long call and we chatted for a few minutes. I was curious as to how long it would be before my name was called, so I walked over to find my name crossed out on the list. I was instantly confused. Why did someone cross my name off? What the F? I inquired, and some older woman came up to me asking me my name. I told her and she said oh yes, someone started another list before I signed my name so she moved my name to another list–I was now number 23. My friend was still number 20–why does my luck suck? To make it worse, he was called about a minute later. I sat on a bench, with strangers, watching him enjoy himself while I cursed the massage Gods under my breath. I figured I would be next, but no, obviously not–they then decided to switch to the old list, one in which my name was not on, so I had to wait about a half hour until my turn. The creepy older woman, not even an employee, who screwed my life over by switching my name to another list made eye contact with me and signaled me to take my coat off–I wanted to run away screaming rape–but then I figured she was just notifying me that my name would be called soon, sigh of relief. As predicted, my name was called and I got my massage–not worth the wait at all. Figures.


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