An Unnecessary Necessary Road Trip

30 Sep

Earlier today, in the rain, 4 friends and I decided to take a little 2 hour rod trip to see a movie. Why did we go such a distance to see a movie you ask? Well, it’s simple–it was only playing in select theaters…duh! So my friends picked me up from my dorm around 10:45, and we were off! The drive there wasn’t terrible, minus me being squeezed in the middle, next to my friend who was eating a PB&J sandwich, which is my absolute FAVORITE sandwich. Now, normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but today was Yom Kippur, thus I was fasting all day, so I had to sit and endure the smells of the best smell ever and not even get to consummate my relationship with the sandwich because I couldn’t eat it!–such a tease that sandwich was. Anyways, we were driving along, my back was cramping, and it cracked with every pothole and bump we came across. Finally, we arrived at the mall…only after getting lost for 15 minutes assuming the movie theatre wasn’t in the mall, when it was in the mall. Then we got lost in the mall trying to find said theatre, but then we found it–obviously.

We entered the lobby of the movie theatre and my friends headed straight for the snack counter, awwww crap. I had that kind of temptation, that sweet, salty temptation. I couldn’t even have water, let alone soda and/or popcorn! I was just about to give up and bang my head against a column, then I saw it–Guitar Hero. I raced over to the change machine, and I won!–4 quarters for my dollar dollar bill, yo. I then turned the corner and stuck in the change to begin rocking out like a total nerd! I began to play, and the music was so loud, but I wasn’t embarrassed, I had just given into temptation, and I was celebrating! My friends laughed at me, and were confused by my actions, but what makes you think I’m not already used to this happening on a regular basis? Exactly.

We entered the theatre and took our seats. I was crammed between a friend eating popcorn, and a friend eating pizza–great start. Then, the previews came on–nothing too great. A good 10 minutes or so later, the movie began–instant nudity–I was not a fan. Overall, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell wasn’t the greatest movie I have ever seen, but it also wasn’t the worst. Some of the stories just seemed way too saturated, and outlandish to have actually happened. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking–you’re probably thinking that some of the stories I write about on my blog are the same way, but no, my stories do not include sexcapades and running across a lobby soiling my pants and then having the hotel maid come to my door and ask ME to clean it up. Maybe I’m just bitter that Tucker Max’s blog/stories got picked up for a book deal, and then obviously a movie deal, and mine hasn’t, but all of his success is about 5 years in the making–I’m just about 4 months into the Blog Life, so I guess patience is a virtue in this case.

The movie ended, and we started walking toward the exit when I saw it–in a store, behind the large, glass windows was a giant painting of Hannah Montana–I flipped out! I went running over to the window and stared at it like a wide-eyed child in front of a pet shop. My friend obviously made fun of me as I ran into the store whispering “I need to touch it!”, but one of them managed to follow me with a camera, and take a shot of me posing with the giant, life-sized painting/photo of my girl Hannah! It definitely made the trip worthwhile!

We were getting ready to leave, until my friend said she wanted to get something to eat…just my luck. I thought it was going to be one of those quick bites, but no, all 4 of my friends got something to eat–and then all sat down at a table to chow down. BLAH. But, I was a good Jew, and I maintained my composure and didn’t even have as much as a morsel of food to eat. Finally they were finished, and we were on the road again. When we arrived back on campus, we all went to the house. It was about 6:30 and I could barely wait until sundown to eat something, it wasn’t an easy fast for me! I decided to call my mom to see how her fast was going, and that’s when I found out it wasn’t. She broke fast at 3:30pm-and here I was, STILL fasting at about 6:45 pm. Sundown was set for 6:51pm, so I knew I had to hold out the extra 6 minutes–so I did, and then I ate…it was FANtastic.

After some official sorority business, my friends and I, who have decided to start a band, of the comedy sort, sat down and wrote an entire song about a street near our campus with various things to do, places to go, and people to see…and places to eat, obviously. We performed it for about 15 of our sisters and they all loved it. The rush I got from just acting silly and making people laugh was such a great feeling–I love my sisters.

We’re going to be a pretty big deal, so watch out…K thanks.


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