Jennifer’s Body (A.K.A Megan Fox’s Body)

25 Sep

Tonight I ventured to the movies to see Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfreid. My friend and I were so hyped up to see this flick, you have no idea–and I have no idea why. We have been planning to see this movie for weeks, and when it was released last Friday, we couldn’t wait to add it to the Thursday night lineup. Unfortunately, we had an event tonight, so we only had time for one film, so obviously Jennifer’s Body was the top choice.

To be honest, I went into the movie only knowing who was in it, and that Megan Fox’s character was somehow evil, and that the film had an awesome soundtrack. I was right about all 3. What I didn’t know was how, excuse my language, fucked up the movie is. IT IS MESSED UP! SO messed up, that my entire left arm went numb by the end of the film, and I couldn’t remove my eyes from the screen. I also couldn’t go home, I had to go home with my friend, who then later drove me back to my dorm so I wouldn’t be alone too long. Literally, there are so many things I will never do now because of that film–walk in the woods, eat roasted chicken from Boston Market, swim in an abandoned indoor pool, share a bed with Megan Fox–pretty much, my life now in shambles. I don’t know what it was, but there was just an element about this movie that freaked me out more-so than any other scary movie I’ve seen in the past. I couldn’t even eat candy, I just couldn’t move. I jumped at one point because of some random bats that flew onto screen–I’m a low-life.

As far as the movie goes, it wasn’t TERRIBLE, but it also wasn’t AMAZING. So, where does that leave my review? Well, if you love stupid, pseudo-comedies with lots and lots and lots and LOTS of blood, and Megan Fox–5 stars, but if you’re more of the relaxed comedy/adventure/chick-flick lover, with occasional gore and Megan Fox–2 stars. I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares tonight.

On the upside, aside from everyone’s favorite Megan Fox being the star, Amanda Seyfried was pretty good in it, and she was in Mean Girls so who doesn’t love her? and Adam Broody (Seth Cohen from the O.C) had a few shining moments as a part of the “heroic band”–you’ll see what I mean by that if you choose to risk your sleeping career by seeing the film. The effects were great, the plot was semi-unrealistic so overall I’d say Diablo Cody did a much better job with Juno and probably should have stuck to fun, comedies.

But that’s just my opinion, obviously.


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