My Life in A Nutshell

10 Sep

So I live in an amazing and spacious 4-person suite with 3 of the best roommates and friends I could ever ask for. We all get along, share lots of laughs, great conversations and clothes (except one has a rather small chest so some have trouble in that department). Everything is great, but having 3 roommates one would think I’d have zero time to myself–that’s where you’re wrong! On the weekends, and by weekends I mean Thursday-Saturday nights, I basically live in a one-person-four-person-suite–you catch my drift? Well, if you don’t, basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m usually the only one sleeping in the room those nights. I guess that’s what happens when one roommate has a hardcore boyfriend and sleeps at his place every night (even weeknights), another sleeps at her new boyfriend’s place, and the last one, well, I’m not really sure what she does, but I think she’s semi-getting into a relationship, so she’s been sleeping out as well. I don’t mind sleeping in my room alone, but it’s just kind of a waste to have such a spacious layout and no one to share it with. Not to mention sometimes it can get a little creepy, sort of, but not really. Well, that’s all for now.


-the last single roommate


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