3 Sep

Attention ladies and gents, I hope you’re sitting down because I’ve got some GREAT news! Ready? wait for it…wait for it…ok that’s enough waiting–there’s a new page on the Life of A Ditk! And incase you were wondering, peeing your pants is indeed a normal side affect to this level of excitement–I know I almost did it myself, but being that I’m the one who actually added the new page, well, that’d just be weird, but I never actually claim to be normal, so all is fair in love and blogs.

Anyways, the new page can be accessed on the tabs at the top of the homepage, directly next to the “About” tab. Once opened, you will find yourself amongst a sea of short stories that make up a paper I had to write for a class last semester. Incase you have to still ask after reading my blog–yes, all the stories are absolutely, 110% true! You know my motto, “you can’t make this shit up” and I promise you, it’s all real. So take a look, laugh, cry, dance, whatever you’re into, just read it because you’re gonna like the way it looks, I guarantee it…Ditk’s [Story] Warehouse.


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