Bon-voyages, Bruises, and Blog-Fans…OH MY!

23 Aug

My evening wasn’t as odd as it usually is, but it still struck me as blog-worthy–per usual. I went to dinner with a good friend of mine, then went home until my other friend called me. After a while, I got the call, then she picked me up, then we picked up 3 other friends, then we got ices, then we went to our friends house…phew, what a run-on sentence that was. Any-who, we all gathered at my friends because sadly, tomorrow she is leaving for college (Bon-Voyage). Though the night should have centered around her, and her departure, it almost seemed to revolve around my epic bruise (Bruises). Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off of it. Granted it is very dark, and more purple than most bruises, but it does happen to look like I took a bullet, but it didn’t break the skin. 

     Later on in the evening, a guy friend of ours came over, to say his goodbyes, and of course the first thing everyone had to point out was my bruise. After he got over the shock of the purple monster on my arm, he told me that he reads my blog (Blog-Fans). I laughed, and so did everyone else, when he told me he enjoys reading it after a long, rough day because it makes him feel better when he sees that mine was worse. Basically, when he feels like crap, he reads my blog to feel better about himself. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that this should probably make ME feel bad about myself, but no, it doesn’t at all. It makes me feel great, actually, knowing that my shitty, weird days are someone else’s pick-me-up. It’s an oddly awarding feeling. 

Then I went home and played Guitar Hero…story of my life.

As for me, I leave for school in 5 days, and as much as I’m going to miss my friends and family back at home, I absolutely cannot wait to get back to school. I just miss it so much, as well as my friends there! 

As for you, the readers, get ready for an exciting year of posts chock-full of college stories, and mayhem, as well as the stories about my absurd life you’ve all grown to know and love. Until then…

you know you love me


A Ditk


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